Sunday, September 23, 2018

Charlie at 10 Months

Well well well.

It's been almost a year to the date of my last blog post....

But it turns out, I still know how to use my fingers and punch out some words on this here thing.

So, I've had it on my to-do list for 10 months to sit down and write about Charlie. And then I started wondering:

If a blogger never mentions she has a son, does he even exist? {If a tree falls in a forest but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?}

But then I really was like, "Don't kid yourself, honey. You are not a blogger."


Here is my sweet baby, Charles Fischer Catalino, today at 10 months old -- loving life as he brunches with his fam.

Mom. Ima put this basket on my head.


Give it back! 

Do you like me teeth?

Let me squish up my nose for you and make your heart melt

Oh sorry, don't really melt

Well maybe melt just a little

Find me a happier baby with a plastic basket. 

Charlie is a dream baby. He was born two weeks early (thank you, Jesus!) on November 20, 2017 and my labor was so quick, he almost popped out in the hospital lobby. My water broke at home at 4:00pm and Charlie was born at 4:33pm. I have a lot of memories in that short little 30 minute window but let's just say that having a natural birth was not ever my plan. Michael does often remind me that upon running into the delivery room, I immediately tore off my shirt, but then yelled out, "DO I NEED TO TAKE OFF MY PANTS????"

So yea...

I was in the zone.

Not sure what zone, but I was there.

I will say that now having experienced both an epidural birth and a totally nothing, no IV, no drugs, no laughing gas (they offer this at UNC), barely getting my clothes off kind of birth, I would totally DEFINITELY go for the natural birth. Of course, I was only in killer pain for 30 minutes though.... not sure how I would have fared had it been a longer ordeal.

From the minute Charlie arrived, he has just been so sweet and just perfect. Ok ok, no baby is perfect and Charlie has never been the best napper, but I mean everything else is wonderful. He sleeps, he eats, he plays, he ADORES his big sister, he laughs, he's content nearly always unless he's hungry. He was the snuggliest little newborn. He packed on the pounds between 6 and 9 months and is loving that food life. He self-weened at 9 months which definitely surprised me but neither of us have missed nursing. He is now pulling up on everything and dusting my floors with his funny belly crawl. I can't get over how fast time has gone since Charlie was born. The first 6 weeks were a blur with Thanksgiving and Christmas, but even so, I am aghast, alarmed and in complete shock that my little boy is going to be 1 in two months. Here are some pictures from the early days:

Goodness, I don't even recognize that little baby. Oh, do stop growing!

Meanwhile, big sister Liza Love is my spicy little chatterbox who makes me tired way more so than her little brother. She spent her day in various phases of time-out and also riding her balance bike while refusing to change out of her dress.

that booty tho

LL asked me today while watching football on TV and seeing the cheerleaders, "Mama, why don't they have on their shirts?"

Honey, that's a good question, and I don't know all the answers.

But I do love you!

First dance class. I mean...