Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Scene from the Sofa

Sometimes Michael and I will play Catch Phrase with each other as we sit on the sofa. We just go back and forth with each other over and over until the buzzer goes off. (Think this is weird? Yes, perhaps.) Yesterday, Michael's phrase was "Anne Frank."

He said:

She's was a pioneer of woman's suffrage!

I said:

Susan B. Anthony!

He said:


And then the buzzer went off. I then asked who it was he was trying to get me to guess.

He said:

Anne Frank!

I said:

What?! She died in the Holocaust.

He said:


So there you have it. In school, I excelled in the humanities. Michael was all math and science. We go together like ra-ma-la-ma-la-ma ka-ding-a-la-ding-a-dong. But really, here's hoping that Liza Love gets the best of both of us.

In other important news, Liza Love is now 21 months old and is hilarious. She packs more personality in her little 27 lb. bod than most do in their full-grown frames. She is super aggressive in her loving, and I have to watch her like a hawk around other kids her age lest she grabs someone's hair or knocks anyone down.

She currently does this face that we've dubbed "The Fish Face" -- she tilts her head back and looks down her nose at you while opening and closing her puckered lips -- just like a fish. Last Sunday, while picking up Chinese food after church, we discovered a fish tank that we hadn't seen before. WELL. LL thought stars were falling from Heaven!





What are these slippery creatures



This picture kills me

Holding me hostage to discuss the plan about the fish


I love this chica.


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