Saturday, July 2, 2016

5 Years

Today is our 5 year anniversary. Woot! 

It's your anni???

Let's go dance!

Lend me the mic for a minute here: 

I have a man who (for some reason) loves me and who has the most gorgeous eyes in the world. I could stop right there with that but I'll go on. He is my Italian stallion who still makes my heart go wubba wubba (go with it.) He can cook, he can garden, he can do brain surgery (well... he's getting there,) he can't sing but he can dance. He is crazily in touch with his emotions -- way way way more than me, he is kind and genuine and smells good, he cries with me when we watch Parenthood together, he looks hot with a weed wacker, he somehow can stay focused on whatever he's doing even when Liza Love is being THE cutest nugget in the world (this being the reason why I can't get anything done... I stare at her all day.) He tries everyday to honor Jesus with his thoughts, words, and deeds, and he is the best loser when I consistently win at gin and speed scrabble (why yes, actually we are indeed 75 years old.) Gaaa I love my man. 

That very same man just started his second year of residency and is crushing it so far. Unfortunately for us with today being our 5 year anniversary, he's on call at the hospital today and tonight. (PSA: Being "on call" as a lower resident means you are actually in the hospital; you don't get to take home call until you are a senior resident. The things I learn...) So we haven't actually gotten to spend time together today, aside from 15 minutes of coffee sipping at 4:30 this afternoon when LL and I paid him a brief visit at the hospital. 

Now let me be clear: this is NOT a pity party here for me right now. I am feeling loved and celebrated by Michael with a great dinner and a movie last weekend, and today with some fun pampering activities that he booked for me. In fact, the fact that I'm sitting on the sofa alone on a Saturday night is honestly ok with me! If Michael was gone every Saturday night, sure, that would be hard (and actually that sort of is the case this year,) but I've got a good book and I need to catch up on the Bachelorette (true story) so I'm in good company. And there are early 4th of July fireworks going off outside so that's fun. Until they wake up my sleeping baby... 

The whole reason I even opened my computer and started typing all that I just typed is because I am feeling so grateful to a dear friend who brought me ice cream tonight! She knew I was alone on my anniversary evening and popped over just a few minutes ago to bring over some Graeter's. Another PSA: if you don't know about Graeter's, honey you are missing out! I'm saying this like I'm some loyal devotee to the brand. I'm really not, except that it is pretty dang good and I have a happy memory of a friend from college bringing it down to UVA from Ohio. To this day, I still remember how amazing the coconut flavor was. I mean, Graeter's is the stuff of dreams! Or maybe the fluff of dreams? Anyway, it's an Ohio ice cream company and lo and behold, it's sold here in Durham! So maybe they sell it near you, too. Woooo -- ALL THAT TO SAY -- it was a sweet and simple gesture that my friend brought over ice cream, but it has made me so happy tonight and feeling loved and known and cared for. I am singing the Lord's praises for her and the gift of a friend that she is. 

Yes, it's July and our Christmas cards are still on the fridge. These are our people!

If you're still reading this, hit pause while I go fix myself a bowl of ice cream right quick. If I don't return, it's because I've died and gone to heaven.





Or actually, I'm just out of things to say for now. I love my man. I love my ice cream friend. I love my friends who are all gathered at a Texas lakehouse this weekend to celebrate their 30th birthdays. I love my snapchat friend who keeps snapping me from that lakehouse to keep me in the loop. I love my baby girl. I even love how North Carolina has brought out the country in me so much so that I have this song stuck in my head right now. One word: TWANG. 

5 years!