Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Goodbye in her Eyes

Our trusty, faithful Jeep has been towed no less than fifteen times in the past five years. I'm pretty sure she's just begging for us to let her wander off to a body of water to die (this is what dogs do... FYI), but we keep giving her the courage to keep on keepin' on. And by courage, what I mean is that we have pumped mucho dinero into her these past several years, so the thought of letting her go makes me mad at all the mechanics who have promised that she's still got some miles left in her.

Whenever she gets another tow, I've gotten in the habit of always taking a picture juuuuust in case it's the last time I see her. For the record, I realize that not everyone gives their car a masculine or feminine pronoun (a lot of people do name their cars...weirdos...) but saying "it" just doesn't sound right. I can totally relate to Sarah in season 1 of Parenthood when she cries as her old, junky car is towed away forever. How can you not tear up over the car that's been with you since you were seventeen? Mariposa (oooops, caught me... the Jeep has a name) was there for HP cross country practice in scorching, triple digit, late August heat. She took me to and from UVA eight times. She survived Snowmaggedon in 2010 and the streets of DC for six years. She was there when I fell in love with Michael. She didn't drive Liza Love home from the hospital but that's only because we walked. She didn't tucker out on us when we made the move to Durham. She wasn't jealous of my new car and didn't throw a tantrum when she was bequeathed to Michael for his sole use. She even made it out a few weeks ago during the snowstorm to make sure we didn't starve because yours truly didn't stock the pantry with essentials. She's been there for me for over 13 years! Not a lot else has been with me, I mean physically in the same place as me, for that long.

As the Jeep was being towed away today, "Goodbye in her Eyes" was playing on repeat in my head. Is that a sign???  It might be the last time I see her, but maybe not. I think Michael and I were hoping to NOT buy a new car this year, but time will tell.

In other news, Liza Love is 11 months old. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

"Hi, I'm Liza Love and I don't sit still."

"I dare you to try to get a non-blurry pic of me."

"Ok, how about a non-blurry pic where I'm actually looking at the camera."

"Bahaha I laugh at your effort, mom."