Monday, January 4, 2016

2015: A Year in Review

(This post's a few days late,
It's how most days unfold;
All I can say in defense is:
Blame my 10-month old!)

Who, me?? 

Look what we have here!
Will wonders never stop??
A year come and gone,
And this one's hard to top. 

2 became 3

2015 started in the car,
Driving down through the south;
Michael's residency interviews came a'callin,
With lots of candy in my mouth.

Why, dare you ask? 
Because I was 8 months preg-go;
Baby girl kept my sweet tooth strong,
Counting the days til she said "hell-o!"

And swiftly that day came,
Early March heard lots of coos;
For right after a big snowstorm
Liza Love made her debut! 

hi baby love

This girl rocked our world
Holy cow, we're parents now!
Lucky for us, she slept a lot
Giving us time to learn how... 

To change her diapers and wash her feet,
To make her smile and be discreet;
To get the stroller down the stairs,
To make sure all her socks had pairs.

To nurse her long and love her good,
To take thousands of pictures in our 'hood;
To cherish every moment sweet
With this girl we were so glad to meet.

Just wondering  -- what do we do with you??

No wonder we all slept so much.
Cutest things in the world


Just two weeks with the wee one - 
Yes, life really was groovin';
Michael matched at UNC
To Chapel Hill we were a'movin.

It was pretty amazing how much stuff we had in our TINY apartment

Leaving DC wasn't easy,
In fact, much sorrow it did bring;
Such fond memories were made there,
I hope to visit in the spring. 

Last picnic at the Waterfront

To say goodbye to dear friends,
Surely this was no easy feet;
We loved our spot, we loved our 'hood,
Right there on 33rd Street. 

Last Jetties lunch

But the Lord went before us,
That alone I know is true;
He welcomed us to Durham
Where all the world is blue.

First meal in the new house

There's those Duke Blue Devils 
That Michael once called his kin;
But now we are fair Tarheels - 
Light blue sweatshirts for the win!

At the Duke lacrosse alumni game. My boyfriend/husband even scored a goal! Swoon.
With Rameses the Ram
We slipped away in June
And took our baby on a trip;
To Colorado with best friends,
They make our hearts go skip.

Then residency - Oh the beast! 
It started fair and square. 
Need a young neurosurgeon?? 
I know one with pretty hair :) 

See what I mean?

Michael's learning up a storm,
Is it time yet to retire??
But he's got time for his girls,
He even makes us fire!

We've made some dear friends here,
In that the Lord sure does provide;
A small group through our church - 
A safehaven to confide. 

I've also met some friends
Whose husbands also wear green scrubs;
We encourage and love each other
To encourage and love our hubs.

"Yiza" and her boyfriend Ezra whose dad is also a resident and whose mom if my dear friend.

Young love

Liza Love, she made the rounds:
The beach, Dallas and C-ville;
This girl's got some travel prowess,
And she's got looks to kill.

Beaching it with the Cats! 

She leaves her mark when traveling,
I can see her strategize;
Both a diaper explosion and some vomit...
Southwest Airlines, I do apologize. 

Cute but deadly

My family came for Thanksgiving,
A joyful time was had by all; 
We laughed and ate and stayed up late,
And Michael didn't have night call! 

And then, it happened!
Alas, I cannot lie;
I turned thirty in December
Geez Louise - time sure does fly. 

Dear Durham friends at a little bday brunch

A surprise bday paint party with my sisters in New York!

I still feel sixteen,
Young, wild, and carefree... 
Oh wait! A baby's in the room!
Down there, pulling at my knee. 

Excusez moi...

Reality checks can be rough,
But there is always quite a need,
To thank the Lord for his blessings
And the good ways that he leads. 

Reality check for LL = realizing her parents have officially lost it and put her in a pumpkin
Christmastime then came,
Oh that glorious winter season
We all went up to New York,
But it didn't snow -- which up there is just like treason! 

Chief and his granddaughter getting into trouble... 

Liza Love and her Great Grandma Lee :) 

Watch the roads!
Don't hit that goose! 
All's not safe 
With LL on the loose. 

Learner's permit

Oh wow, what a year!
2015 went by way too fast;
Liza Love told me to tell you: 
Wave "bye-bye" to the past!

Let's get this show on the road, mom.

2016's here in full force,
Coming in hot like TSwift
So many days to discover
That each day is quite a gift. 

Here's hoping she'll always want to dress the same...
What will we learn this year? 
How will each day unfold? 
Let's all have minds like children,
So many wonders to behold. 

The end. 

...Plus a few extra pics,
Thrown in for good measure;
No rhyme or reason, 
these pics I just treasure: 

Little Miss Muffet screamed through her baptism, but she's now in God's covenant family so I'd say it was worth it :)

Let's talk about those cheeks
Let's talk about those thighs

LL's first wedding

School's out for forever!

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