Tuesday, December 8, 2015

LL goes to Texas

In October, Liza Love went to Dallas to get in touch with her Texas roots. She showed up in boots. We were all in cahoots. We even wore our swimsuits.

Here's a photo recap:

I had to schlep my luggage everywhere. It was oddly heavy...

LL met new friends who are the kiddos of my very first friend ever in Dallas - Saraaaaa!

Inspecting the flora and fauna in Nonnie's backyard. She approves.

Wazzzz upppp?

Photo shoot.

And here, LL sits amongst the pumpkins.

Sigh. It's hard having to choose between two very cute boys.

Swings in Texas are crazy.

We even sweltered through the State Fair! Howdy folks. 

LL's on a boat! First time for everything. 

We even took a horse selfie. This lovely gathering of women is our annual get together of our DC friends.

It's hard to believe that all of these girls in this picture use to all live in DC -- why did we ever move away??? With our move to Durham this year, we were the last of this original crew to leave that wonderful city. (Fun fact: there are actually 12 people in this pic.... guess who's pregnant?? No, not me.)

All in all, Liza Love thought Texas was pretty sweet. The people make the place! And there are some good people there. 

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