Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baby Love, My Baby Love...

The many faces of Liza Love

So. We are now 7 weeks (tomorrow) into this crazy world of parenting, and I think the honeymoon is over. Kidding -- let's be honest, there is no honeymoon with parenting. A honeymoon is a nice way to ease into marriage and life with your new spouse.  There is no easing into parenting. You're just thrown into it, and it's a sink or swim kind of thing. And you just have to force yourself to swim and keep swimming. Like Dory.

I'm making this out to seem like Liza Love has been a wild child. Not so! (Well, maybe so between the hours of 7-10pm.) She was sound asleep for the first two weeks of her life (so maybe that was a honeymoon after all,) and then around week three she totally woke up from her cocoon of baby love -- and I woke up to the reality of what life is like with a newborn. I called my nurse friend Ellen and asked if I should give up dairy in my diet since LL seemed to cry a lot and I couldn't figure out why. Ellen said, "CB. Relax. Your baby is acting like a baby."

Oh! Right.

Liza Love is still a great sleeper (I'm praying this never changes!) but now she has all these opinions and thoughts and agendas that she expresses mainly through loud, girly shrieks of protest. Things like:

You are not paying attention to me, mom! Mom, change my diaper! It's cold in here! It's hot in here! Feed me! What is that noise? You are being too loud! Why is it so dark in here?? Why is it so bright in here? What is that music?! Why are you not taking me for a walk? Why are we out walking?

Oh man. Keep sleeping child.

Liza Love is now in this sweet, cuddly stage where she actually falls asleep on my chest. Oh, to have a baby fall asleep on your chest! There is nothing much sweeter in the world. She refused to do this for her first few weeks and it nearly broke my heart. Thank goodness that changed. And LL is seriously the biggest wiggler. I mean, I think all babies are, but she will lay on her back and kick and flail her arms for nearly an hour. Michael and I find it amazingly cute and have about 10,000 photos and videos to document this phenomenon.... annnnd basically anything else that LL does.

Here are a few!

Ellen popping in for a quick visit while in town from Nashville! She's the one who told me to take a chill pill. Noted.

Liza Love sporting a tank for her daily dose of tummy time. (She immensely dislikes tummy time.) 

After her first bath.... which she also immensely disliked. She's more into it now-a-days. 
This was after LL's first shopping trip (to Target of course... where else??) It was the first time I fed her out of the house, the first time she had a diaper blowout, and the first time she pooped on me, her outfit, the pillow, the car seat, the swaddle blanket and the burp cloth. And it was the first time I was left alone without backup support as my mom just so happened to be popping into a shoe store for a hot second when all this went down. #motherhoodinitiation #ipassed (#ithink)

Morning devos

Molly came to town and took us out for lattes! 

LL being the center of attention from her grandma and aunties :)

Chief and his grandbaby 


Liza Love's hoist at church! 
 (Btw, to understand what the heck is going on in the picture above, see this post, point #6.)

Florals on florals

"Mmmmm why yes, old chap, that's brilliant!"

Such a nugget

Primpin'.  And so smug about it.

A little slice of heaven

Be still my heart

Ps. I have my own domain name now! No more ".blogspot" :) Now just SO EXCITING.