Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: A Year in Review

Another year has gone,
I hope it was good to you --
Here's what we did this year,
It's time for the year in review!

2014 started with a bang,
Michael started surgery, you see;
He was really very busy,
but still found time to chat with Grammy Lee.

(Seen here showing Michael how it's done. Grammy Lee used to be a surgical scrub nurse.)

We survived another epic snowstorm,
It seemed to swallow the whole east coast,
Boy, I was ready for some sunshine
On my skin, I love to roast.

But cozy days were nice,
lots of resting and time to snuggle,
Well.... that was the case for me, at least --
Poor Michael, he was a tired puddle!

Spring brought some fun travels -
I went to California for a quick stop.
Paris was also on the list,
but this is about as far as I got:

Mom came to DC for a visit,
The cherry blossoms she hoped to see,
Alas, it rained the WHOLE time,
So instead, she got a lot of.... me!

I love my Bible study girls,
They make my heart so light,
This constant and faithful community,
Makes me sleep so well at night.

This past year brought lots of changes,
Namely a lot of new babies we met,
Our friends sure did produce some cuties,
Just you wait.... there will be more, I bet!

There were also quite a few weddings,
Such sweet celebrations they are,
A fun time to catch up and dance
With friends from both near and far.

It was about this time
That Michael and I celebrated three years,
And lo and behold,
we still love each other to tears!

I do love that man so much,
He is my hunk of burnin' lovin'
Much to our happy surprise,
We learned there's a new bun in the oven!

We had some friend reunions,
Us girls getting together is no fluke,
And Michael went out to Colorado
To hang with his besties from Duke.

And then, the beautiful fall came,
And with that, some rotations away:
A month in Durham and then in Nashville,
They were both lovely places to stay.

With November came a life milestone,
And my age makes me slightly blue,
It was my 10-year high school reunion (Oh my!)
HPHS, to you I'll always be true.

Alas, we've got a baby girl coming,
We're now just waiting on that stork,
Baby Cat was celebrated
Both in Dallas and upstate New York!

In the midst of all this fun,
We've been on the road a LOT
Living out of suitcases gets old,
but residency interviews don't stop!

We spent Thanksgiving with the Cats,
and Christmas in Dallas raiding the fridge,
We also bid farewell to my dear Grandma,
She is now in Heaven playing bridge.

Grandma and me in 1999

Only one more week of travel,
And then we are resting our weary feet,
We can't wait to meet our little peanut,
I'm thinking she's gonna be an athlete :)

March will be here quite soon,
And that means the new baby girl;
Also the news of residency comes,
Gosh - it's going to be a whirl!

So Reader, I bid you farewell,
Do know how much I love you,
2015 is now here --
So 2014, I bid you adieu!

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  1. This is awesome. I am so impressed with your skills! Happy new year, Catalinos!