Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Reading 2014

It's summer!!!!

Sunscreen?  check
Beach Towel? check
Long Island Ice Tea? check
Bocce Ball? check
Man with Evian Natural Mineral Water Spray? Well...
Book(s) to read? ummm...


That's a terrible question to face. If you need an answer, here's a list of a few books I've read and definitely recommend, and several that I want to read this summer.

The Language of Flowers: Read about it here. This book started my love affair with flowers. Just read it.

Me Before You: A page-turning sweet romance and tear-jerker that really makes you think. I just found out that this is going to be made into a movie as well. Three cheers! I said this in a previous post, but I'll say it again -- my favorite scene from this book will probably be one of my favorite scenes ever from any book: Lou and Will dancing together at a wedding, all eyes on them, almost like normal lovers. Almost.

What Alice Forgot: it's a light and funny read, but actually deeply touches serious themes like infertility, estrangement, losing best friends, and re-building a family. Another page-turner, too.

Divergent: I know, I know. I am way late to the Divergent bandwagon, but I'm glad I finally read book #1 of the 3-part series. I already looked up the DVD release date for the movie adaptation (it's August 5th, if you care) and have planned a movie night with my fraands. I'm pretty much in love with Four and his love for Tris. Gosh. I really only like the book because of their romance. So that's that.

Disclaimer: I haven't read the following (yet).

The Vacationers - Basically, the "it" read of the summer. There are 74 holds on it at the DC public library, so I'll guess I'll read it never. It's about an American's family two-week vacation in Mallorca and how their stuff* hits the fan.  Who's up for a good family drama?

Longbourn - a re-telling of Pride and Prejudice from the servants perspective! Downton Abbey fans unite.

The Engagements - A Diamond is Forever and a story following 4 couples. I don't know much more than that except that everyone I know who has read it, liked it.

Eleanor and Park - Remember your first high school love? That's what this book is about -- first love and how to navigate it. And it's set in 1986. It's another young adult book that's going to be made into a movie.

If I Stay - I saw the preview for this when I went to see The Fault in Our Stars. I think I'll pass on the movie (yes, again another YA book-turned-movie.... I'm seeing a trend) but the book could be good. The main character is in a coma and has to decide to come out of it or not. And of course, there is a boy waiting for her if she does. Choices, choices.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail - another book being made into a movie. This time with Reese Witherspoon -- what's not to love? I get the feeling this is a book like Eat, Pray, Love which I think I liked. A lot of people have already read Wild, I know. I'm so behind.

The Interestings - everyone's reading it. I feel like I've seen this book in every coffee shop window I've passed. It's about talented kids who grow up -- some achieving their dreams and some not -- and the ties that bind.

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering - The title pretty much sums it up. And I know this isn't exactly a "beach read," but it's from Tim Keller, so you know it's going to be awesome.

The Lowland - a sweeping family saga spanning from India to America. I could be wrong, but this book reminds me of Cutting for Stone, a book I really enjoyed.

The Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection - the foodie in me has always wanted to read this book from Robert Farrar Capon, who just so happens to be an Episcopal priest. Jesus + food = a winning combination.

The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, A Small Town, and the Secret of a Good Life - I've been told this book is very good. It's about a man and his family leaving the big city for the slower pace of small town life.

The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini - the two most cherished novels from Pat Conroy, my new favorite author. All of his writing is haunting, beautiful, a love song to the low country of South Carolina, and will stick with you always.

That's about all I've got. Well, for now. That's the good thing about books -- there's always more to read. What have you been reading?? I'd love to know!

*A lady never curses.

(Here was the summer reading list from 2013, in case you are curious. I didn't really love MWF Seeking BFF and I couldn't get through The Paris Wife, although I think most everyone I know liked it.)


  1. Have you read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver? Its basically about a baptist preacher for 1960s Georgia who takes his four daughters and wife to the Congo in order to try and convert the natives. It is told through the perspective of the four daughters and wife, and it goes into themes of religion, racism, and relationships. Also the symbolism is amazing.

    1. I have read it! I love that book. I read it in high school and again a couple of year ago.

  2. Love these titles and I'm hoping to get through ONE this summer (language of flowers :)) also, my fam loved "the little Way of Ruthie leming" and cam worked with rod dreher at the Dallas morning news

    1. Claire! Just seeing this -- no way, I didn't know that about Cam. That is so cool! I got "Ruthie Leming" at Logos while home in Dallas so it will be my next book to start :)