Friday, May 16, 2014

Happiness Is...

Happiness is a fleece sweatshirt.

I know it's now mid-May and the Shortest Spring Ever due to the Longest Winter Ever has now skipped merrily into summer, but since we now have the AC on full blast in our teensy apartment, and since it was a monsoon outside, I went into the closet this morning hunting for my favorite fleece sweatshirt to curl up in while I drank my coffee.

The backstory on my favorite fleece sweatshirt:

My favorite clothing brand is Patagonia. I think it has to do with the fact that the name is taken from the mountainous and beautiful region in Argentina, that Argentina was a time of healing and happiness for me when I lived there in 2007, and that I have a thing about being warm and comfortable but also looking stylish. Not stylish in a preppy way, but more like in an outdoor adventure way. Don't be misled --- "outdoor adventure" are not words that I would say describe me too well. I think using a port-a-potty qualifies as an outdoor adventure.

Anyway, I've owned my cream Patagonia fleece sweatshirt since the summer of 2004 -- right before I went to college. As it turns out, Molly, my first year roommate and saving grace, had the same sweatshirt! (Well, in blue.)

Many memories were made in those sweatshirts:

It's like we've never seen leaves before. But this is how you just can't help feeling when it's fall and you're on the lawn at UVA. Why?? Because it's heaven on earth.

Turning 19 (oh, to be young!)

I wore the sweatshirt on the day that I killed two javelina with a single shot in south Texas. Pretty epic.

And I wore it when Tilly and I ran down Rugby Road with belts on our heads...

And when Sara turned 21.

And in Cabo (who does that?!?)

And when watching lacrosse with one of my oldest friends in the world!

And I guess Michael didn't mind the sweatshirt too much, or my whole outfit for that matter (???), when we started dating and I drove to Durham to visit him for the first time. Because we got marrrrrried about 8 months later. 

So there you have it. Happiness is a fleece sweatshirt. And sweet memories. 


  1. I am the exact same way with my sweatshirt! Except its an Auburn hoody. Pretty sure I stole it from my mom. But that hoody has been through everything from Winter to Summer. Which is dedication since Spring highs are 96 degrees.

  2. You are too much and I love ya. Are you going to do a story about the better sweater next?

  3. Happy ten year anniversary to your fleece, cb. This is so great!

    1. Eeeeeek -- 10 years?!? Gosh when you say it like that it makes me think I should throw it out.... just kidding. I would never!