Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love Is

One of my resolutions for the new year was to be more consistent with blogging. I even actually now own the Grace and Daisy Chains dot com domain... But clearly this hasn't spurred me onward. Life has just been busy. It's no excuse, I know, but even on the days when things have slowed down, writing a post hasn't been a priority. But I have SO MUCH TO SAY!! Everyone does. And I have so very much enjoyed this little online space. So while I make no promises, I do hope to be more consistent in posting from here on out. I recently sliced my hand open on a mandolin (one of those kitchen tools for uniformly slicing fruit and vegetables) and I can't write very well. Typing, however is unencumbered.

So today, here is a light little note about the "Love Is" cartoons by Kim Casali.

If you don't know "Love Is" than you probably didn't grow up in Dallas, Texas, where the "Love Is" cartoons still run in the Dallas Morning News everyday. My mom cuts them out and sends one to Michael and me at least once a month.

There are ones about Michael, the medicine man:

The middle "making it better" one is quite relevant these days as Michael had been nursing my hand back to health.

There are ones that Mom sends to Michael when I am out-of-town:

I personally think there should be one where the man leaves the toilet seat up. I swear, I go out of town for one day and Michael reverts back to his bachelor days. 

And I fall into the toilet in the middle of the night.

Then, there are the ones that depict Michael's sweetness, like cooking or rubbing my feet. 

And of course, there are ones like this one that are for Mamacita and me!

There are ones that are solely just about love:

And ones that mimic things what we do together, like canning applesauce:

And love is the sum of all things you mean to me.

And then there are the ones that mom sends that apply to me:

For the record, I do not look this happy when I wake up every morning. 

Except when I'm at the beach.

And this is me too:

Now here's the thing -- you don't need a husband or wife to share all of these kinds of love. A husband is nice, but friendships are just as true a way to share love. 

And of course, 


  1. I have to say, I randomly stumbled across your blog one day, but I loved your writing and your way of sharing your world so much that I keep coming back. Keep doing what you're doing - you bless more people than you know with this blog.

  2. Thank you so much! I am so encouraged by your words!