Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Audrey Assad

It's Wednesday. And it's raining.

That's a terrible combination if there ever was one.

So I found myself doing something that I don't like doing but that needs to happen -- cleaning, and clearing out my email inbox. The latter is far easier and of course, I can be sitting on the sofa while doing it. That begs the question --- "why, Carey Beth! Is something wrong with you that you must live a sedentary lifestyle??!" To which I reply --- "No, dear one, I am just lazy. And it's raining and it's Wednesday, in case you forgot."

While clearing my inbox, I've come across some jewels of articles that friends have sent me that I've failed to read until now. One of the articles my dad sent is this one from the New York Times columnist David Brooks. Basically, anything Brooks writes is incredibly worth reading. And basically, my dad usually sends me everything Brooks writes because he is nice like that (my dad, not Brooks, although I'm sure Brooks is nice, too.) So I read the article, and I also clicked on the YouTube link for a song by Audrey Assad that is referenced in it.

And then something shifted deep inside me as I listened to one of the best voices I have ever heard. That's a bold statement, but I really mean it. I'm not sure if Audrey Assad is a happening in the Christian music scene that I just totally missed, or maybe she is relatively unknown, but I can't believe I've never heard her music until today. It's probably me -- I tend to put Christian music in a little bubble off to the side that I'll only tap into if I'm feeling really desperate because the Hot Hits radio is failing to play anything except Katy Perry's "Dark Horse." If I hear that song one more time I will seriously break something. Ugh, to even mention Katy Perry in the same post as writing about Audrey Assad is like a criminal offense. (Side note: I have nothing against Christian music. Sometimes I just feel like the Christian radio stations don't play the best Christian music that they could... but this is probably my sour heart getting in the way.  I hate it when that happens.)

Audrey Assad's voice, lyrics, piano... EVERYTHING about her music is a beautiful praise. If you are a music person, then you know that feeling when a song so gets to your heart. It's hard to explain -- but you just know it's right and it's what your soul wants and it makes you laugh or cry or dance or worship or maybe all of it at once. Music can do that like nothing else can. That is what I'm feeling right now as I listen to this music. It's soaringly beautiful, and it's made my rainy Wednesday infinitely better. I hope it does for you, too.

I Shall Not Want (

O My Soul (

Sparrow (

Humble (

You Speak (


  1. I felt everything you did when I heard "I Shall Not Want" for the first time after my FIL sent that article around to our family. Listening to it again now!

    1. Becca, love it and love that your FIL sent you that same article!

  2. WE ARE SOUL SISTERS I SWEAR. I am obsessed with the whole Fortunate Fall CD. I streamed it on relevant and got addicted. "I Shall Not Want" was a life-changer and "Lead Me On" is up there too. Hope things are all well in DC. Love this little blog :)

    1. haha Laura, amazzzzzing! I am so stoked about this music and it only adds that you love her, too. And thanks for passing on the Relevant link!

  3. Oh and for your enjoyment:

  4. So I must confess to listening to "I Shall Not Want" on repeat about a million times in a row. I heard it at the retreat I went to and was beyond moved. Such a powerful voice and message!

  5. Mere -- I know, right?! Really it is.