Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year in Review - 2013

Fee fi fo fum
The year is over --
Here's what we've done!

We hung at Montrose,
The park is our jam;
We love walking here year round,
And I can work on my tan :)

There was quite a lot of sleeping,
Especially at the beginning of the year;
Michael was still a student --
The classroom was causing some fear.

But there was still room for some fun,
and lots of friends to laugh with us,
We loved to sit on Liz and Mark's porch
Before they up and moved to Tex-uss.


But I won't let it get me down,
These people who keep movin' west;
In fact, I ran a half-marathon,
I think I gave it my best!

Oh wait, hark! Lest I forget!
This really fun weekend that I don't regret:

We gathered at the ranch,
Just the girls, and no boys;
We talked and drank margs,
It was the greatest of joys.

Fine fine fine,
Later we did include the men;
It was another April weekend,
This time to celebrate our friend:

New babies are sweet;
They need to be showered,
So we gathered in Nashville,
Where new memories flowered.

This little bambino  (not ours!) is who we celebrated in Nashville while she was still in the womb.

But something still loomed,
This thing called: MED SCHOOL;
Dr. Catalino, here he is --
I think he's pretty cool :)

And finally, it came!
That thing they call the Boards;
Michael took that test with finesse,
And then we headed to the shore.

A break, it was needed!
And Bermuda was calling,
We celebrated two years of marriage,
In love we continue falling.

Oh and then I traveled east!
With my church did I go;
We loved those people in Turkey;
Jesus loves them, this I know.

Of course, Michael had school,
Rotations started with lots of trust;
Only two more years of med school...
Let's graduate or bust!

Rotations are pretty hard but fun;
With patients, Michael likes to converse;
Sometimes I get funny texts from him --
Isn't he the worst??

We still like to attend parties,
Although I'm afraid I'm an old soul;
Here we are as Daisy and Gatsby --
In touch with legends of old.

We made a trip down to Duke
To watch Michael go on the field;
I'm so proud of my hubby,
To him my love is definitely sealed.

We are still loving DC
Of which we've really made a home;
But who says you can't play tourist,
And leave Lincoln all alone??

Now it's time for the holiday season,
We started out with some laughs;
We went to see my brother in New York City,
A happy Thanksgiving we did have.

And then with Advent upon us
That blessed time of year
We traveled home to Dallas!
Oh what happy, winter cheer.

From there we flew up north
To a land all snowy and white;
A white New Year we are having
In Rochester, it is so bright.

Goodness this poem
is getting quite long;
I need to wrap it up,
it's longer than a bad rap song!

Alas, 2014 is here,
And what will await??
Michael's starting surgery in January,
We think it will be great!

I also made a big decision,
A leap of faith is in store:
I've decided to leave my job --
It's time to get out and explore!

And now, a new year before us!
It's full of wonders untold;
We can't wait to see
What this new year will hold.

Happy new year to you!


  1. I love love love this post, CB! I can't wait to see what all this year has in store for you! Xoxo

  2. You're a hoot and a holla and I LOVE YOU CHICA!! Happy New Year!