Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Campers

One of my most dear friends in all the world came to town this past weekend!

Elizabeth is a LOVER OF LIFE and adventure and the full experience and living in the moment and basically she is amazing and I love her. 

In the spirit of true adventure, we went on a little "jaunt" through the woods. Which ended up meaning that we hiked from Virginia into West Virginia. Who knew? 

Elizabeth just so happens to be a 3rd grade teacher in Dallas, and like all 3rd-graders growing up in Texas, you learn your Texas history. Michael, wise one that he is, saw his opportunity to learn about the great state that his wife was raised in, and asked Elizabeth for a history lesson. 

We talked Texas history for an hour. It was unexpectedly wonderful. 

What was unexpectedly not wonderful was taking "nature breaks," as Michael called them. These were times when we took a break and admired bugs. 



I protested and adamantly declared that I saw no need for such crass investigation. But alas, I was outnumbered. Elizabeth happens to love bugs, nature, flora, fauna, you name it. She teaches her kids about it. A bold undertaking, if you ask me. 

Can we take a moment and pause to admire Elizabeth's hair? Good Lord, she has amazing hair. 

I have hair envy. 

Moving on. 

They are investigating a black and fuzzy caterpillar. 

(This is code for "they are pyscho.")


Anyways, Texas history and nature breaks aside, we finally made it to the top! 

Ahoy! (I sail!)

Later that night, we went to see Bastille. It's an electronica pop band from England that Elizabeth introduced me to. Here's a brief clip from their song "Home." 

(Who knew I could upload videos to the blog?? Big news.)

They are good. I mean really good. It's hard to pick a favorite song, but Overjoyed is definitely one of the best. Give Bastille a listen. Tonight's show in New York was their last stateside stop for a while, but they'll be back, and they will sell out even faster than they are now. 

What's happiness to me?? New tunes! No bugs! And old friends. 

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