Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cappadocia and Ankara

Ohhh my, how time flies. I don't know what has gotten into me recently with my lack of blog posting, but I don't like it! And I think it has something to do with what Glenn (our pastor) is preaching about at church: COMPLACENCY.

Ugly word. It creeps in and settles right on down and the next thing you know, you've wasted an hour (an hour??!) on Instagram and not doing what you really should be doing like cleaning, or sleeping, or enlightening your mind by reading, or working-out... or really ANYTHING productive. 

Instagram. I love-hate thee.

For today, I'd like to close the chapter on Turkey (at least for now) by posting a few more pictures from the rest of the trip in Cappadocia and Ankara. The tour guide in Cappadocia kept calling our group "my dear guests" the whole day we spent with her. Why not? I liked it. So -- please, my dear guests, step a little closer and enjoy these pictures from a country that is far nearer to my heart than ever before.

We arrived in Cappadocia way late at night after a 15 hour bus ride, and woke up to the COOLEST courtyard, and basically the best (if not most eccentric) hotel ever!

Walking amidst the fairy chimneys

Dave: action shot
Dave: in Cappadocia

Like mother, like son.... Lisa and Conor are twinsies. 
The smiling rocks of Cappadocia

Lucy, as seen looking out from a "kitchen" in the rocks
Lots of neighbors close by if you lived here... 
Back at the hotel. I love it. 

Can't get enough... 
Anitkabir, Ataturk's Mausoleum in Ankara. The guy was LOVED by the Turks and still is today.   
Stephen and his French press 

Ankara, as seen from the top of Atakule

Dave, Duyal and me at the top of Atakule
Ice cream at Kugulu Park. So needed after walking ALL OVER Ankara!

This is our subway picnic. We navigated a huge grocery store (like a super Target only bigger) and then ate our snacks on the subway platform, the only place we could find shade and not totally stick out like sore thumbs. We found shade, but I definitely think we still stood out... 

Jordana got a haircut in a Turkish salon! Brave and beautiful lady. 
Ann Woods, Lucy and me. Best roommates ever. No seriously -- we survived drippy faucets and doors on no hinges and used soap and sleep aids and FC Barcelona bedding (??) and prank calls from the concierge and ear-plug lessons...just to name a few things. Love these ladies! 

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