Monday, May 27, 2013

Board Studying

You know your husband's studying for the board exam when.... send him a medical article from the Washington Post that you find interesting and he replies with:

Very interesting. I actually had a question about this on my quiz last week. The uterus forms from the embryological structures called the paramesonephric ducts. They are supposed to fuse to make the uterus. In males with a Y chromosome the presence of the SRY gene causes mullerian inhibiting factor production. This hormone causes the degeneration of the paramesonephric ducts so that men don't have a uterus. 

I bet you didn't know that.

...Or when you are at the pool.

All alone.

Because it's -20 outside. In MAY. And no one in their right mind goes to the pool when it's -20. (It was 65 and sunny. Just a bit breezy...)

And so your husband comes to sit with you so you aren't the weirdo at the pool by herself, and he brings his books so that he can study:

White legs. Give us grace. Summer's only just beginning.

.... Or when your husband forgets how to smile because all happiness is zapped from his days.

Naaa, I kid.

He's not smiling because his wife is wearing a UVA lacrosse sweatshirt.

But let's be honest -- Duke won the lacrosse national championship today. I was there three years ago the last time Duke won, incredibly proud of a guy who played in that game -- and I wasn't even dating him yet! Oh man, but I knew. I watched #29 and thought "Yesiree, that's the one for me." .... Or something along those lines.

Also, it was a total false statement about all happiness being zapped out of Michael's days. That would be terribly sad. It is a joy for me to watch my man do something that he is MADE to do. He's not necessarily made to study, but I definitely know that Michael is made to be a doctor. And it's a long haul to get there. Studying for this exam is a big piece of it, and he seems to like it most of the time. (He's nuts!)

I so want it to be done so that we can relax together and go to the beach and Michael can rest! But I know that these are important days and special days and days not to be rushed. And days that are in His hands and full of little gifts. Like taking a stroll and discovering a new street in your neighborhood that you have never walked down. We did this tonight and then got ice cream. It was perfect. Will wonders never cease.


  1. As I read this post, Elliott is next to me glumly studying for his specialty boards. Hours and hours and hours of studying... I feel so badly for him too! But the end is near. Here's to being good wife-ies to our studying boys!

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