Friday, April 12, 2013

To Be Known

Ooooh friends! They are the refreshments of life.

I gathered with my best friends who grew with me through the growing pains of college last weekend in the hills of Tennessee. The occasion? Not that we have to have a reason to get together, but this time we did actually celebrate something other than our friendship. A baby!!!! New life on the way!! Oh man, nothing like a bun in the oven to get us excited. Sara is our first friend from our college (and only my second close friend to have a baby or be preggo... like who I would definitely consider myself to be an auntie to their child) to take the pregnancy plunge and she is doing it with class. So much class that we think she should name her child Tally. Short for Talladega. Because Sara was definitely pregnant at Talladega but didn't know it.... hot dog! That child is gonna be a race car driver. Or really like beer...

I'm kidding! Geez louise.

The truth is, that baby is going to be so well loved by not only Sara and David, but also by all the aunties. And the aunties' husbands. Because yes, the husbands came along on our weekend get-together. It was certainly nice having them there, but honestly, there were some low points. Like when my husband (remaining nameless for anonymity's sake - HA HA) decided to tell everyone what we hope to name our baby boy if we are ever blessed to have one.

Which is so out-of-bounds!

Yea..... the thing is, no one would have ever known that we like the name that Michael said except for the fact that I gasped "WHAT???" right after he mentioned it as a suggestion for baby names if Sara's baby is in fact a boy. I was so caught off guard that I didn't have time to even think clearly enough to keep my mouth shut and play it cool so that no one would know that the name he said is actually a name we love.  

That's supposed to be sacred information shared just with your hubby! Not to be revealed until the baby is born! Oh for heaven's sake -- I know. I am being overly dramatic. And a lot of parents actually do reveal their child's name beforehand. But really, it was so shocking to me that Michael said that name. And it was kind of funny to hear everyone's reactions to it: it wasn't exactly well received. We got some puzzled looks and comments. Oh wellll.... can't please everyone. We still love that name and I trust my friends to take the secret to their grave (or to when we have a baby boy one day.)

Side note -- the cake in the above picture is 2/3 blue and 1/3 pink which reflects the percentage of the group that thinks the Lewis baby will be a boy (blue) or a girl (pink). I think pink!


It was a huge joy to get to see my dear friend about to be a mother. Sara literally was there on day numero uno in Dallas when we moved to town when I was 6 years old. She taught me how to ride a bike while holding a slurpee. And now she is going to have a baby. Wow! I mean, really. It's crazy to wrap my head around. It's the Circle of Life! And it moves us allllll.....

It's also always, without fail, incredibly wonderful to be with these friends. I need to stop here and say that one friend couldn't come, and that definitely meant that the fun quotient was lowered by a good bit:

Oh hey, Tilly! Tilly was so missed. Here we are as bitty first years at UVA.

As we all discussed together last weekend, it is just sweet to be with the girls who know you so well. These are the girls that we lived with in some shape or form for 4 years, the ones who grew with you through hard times, the ones who can make you laugh and cry in an instant, the ones who know what you mean when you say "I can't feel my elbows," the ones who roadtripped with you 8 hours away to visit a sick parent, the ones who knew your bizarre eating habits, the ones who knew who your crushes were and would go to frat parties with you so you could spy on them, the ones who walked-in on each other all the time when they were kissing their boyfriends, and the ones who would stay up with you into the early morning hours talking on the sofa about the future.

It is a sweet, sweet thing to be known by these women.

Any future babes of ours are in good hands, I'm confident of that!

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