Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Hills are Alive

Oh my stars.

It is nearly Easter and I don't know where the month of March has gone!!!!! Let's see.

Well, we had breakfast for dinner:

And I made a lot of granola about 5 times. At Baked and Wired in Georgetown, they call their granola "Hippie Crack." I think this is a pretty accurate description of granola (mine, not theirs, but theirs is good too.) Cereal of the gods.

We also had our fair share of froyo:

Wok this way:

Of course there was a Chick-Fil-A stop this past weekend (what's a road trip without one?? Except when said road trip occurs on a Sunday, which they always do. But I can't hate on Chick-Fil-A for that. Never mess with Sunday*):

I also perfected a sweet-potato and black bean and chicken burrito with a smokey chipotle crema. Errrr maaa gaaaa. You won't even believe how good this is. It's a cosmic explosion of healthy Latino flavaa. The chicken is included because my husband is a starving carnivore,  but I personally don't think you have to have it:

And then I made a little reminder for myself after having a few too many chocolate Easter eggs in the office today:

So it's clear that we didn't give up any sort of food for Lent. Holy smokes, good thing I work out:

My brother and me: foosball champions of the world
In reality, we do eat really well. I guess by well, I mean 'heartily.' And most of the time 'healthily.' Michael and I both really enjoy cooking, and while I definitely make most of the meals, he certainly helps a lot. Mainly when dealing with chicken. I don't know what happened in my 26th year of life but for some reason, raw chicken now gives me the heebeegeebees. It's squirmy and fleshy and if I keep thinking about it I will get nauseated.

When we are home together, the majority of our conversation and hang-out time happens in the kitchen while cooking, or at the dinner table while eating. Oh and we have a new spot: on the sofa while eating.....drum roll please......kettle corn. I've told a few friends this: KETTLE CORN HAS CHANGED OUR MARRIAGE FOR THE BETTER. You can quote me on that. Michael's brother recently bestowed upon us his kettle corn-making secrets and it's incredible. I actually don't exactly know the process (Michael is the master here,) but I will find out and I will have to write about it. It is that good. I'd be selfish to not share it with you.

Ok and honestly, I really do work out. Actually, I think that is too strong of a phrase. Perhaps "lead a healthy lifestyle" is more accurate. There's no way I could eat the dinners we make if I didn't move my body somehow. I recently ran the USA half-marathon with a few friends, but I only ran once or twice a week in preparation for the race. I've discovered that running actually hurts my body (go figure) if I do it more often than that.

I also am coaching this season for Girls on the Run at the National Cathedral School. This is SO FUN and actually surprisingly energy-draining. Keeping track of 14 girls running around the National Cathedral is:

a. pretty cool
b. rather difficult
c. definitely really good mom practice for me for 12 years from now
d. making me think of creative ways to get these girls to keep running
e. all of the above

It's E. Duh. Here are my little balls of energy:

I usually come home from an afternoon spent with these gals and am exhausted, famished and ready for dinner. Gotta prioritize! Gotta re-fuel! Gotta eat! And then: Gotta rest!

*Which brings me to my conclusion. Alas, it is time for bed, and a date with Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He is incredibly compelling, yet somehow still manages to put me to sleep in less than 5 minutes. (It's the kind of book you should be wide awake for.) Anyway, gotta rest! Like on Sundays, the day of rest. Which is why this song rocks my socks:

Yppah - Never Mess with Sunday.

Goodnight, sleep tight!

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