Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stationary Drawer Makeover

The title of this post may lead you to believe that I actually am going to tell you how to organize your stationary drawer.

Don't be fooled. I think anyone with half a brain can figure this out on their own, but I also think there are probably countless how-to-organize-your-stationary posts in existence.

I also haven't spent two weeks doing nothing but organizing my stationary drawer, as one might think would be the result of my brief hiatus from ze blog vorld. Au contraire, life has been blooming (a direct reference to the fact that it is now March -- halleluia!) with exciting happenings in this neck of the woods.

Ok. One two three. I'm pregnant!!

Syke. Sorry, I'm sorry, I really shouldn't do that. I love doing that. I really shouldn't do that. I've already knocked a cumulative total of 9 years (averaging 3 years each) off the lives of my mother, father and brother with these little jokes of mine. I'll stop. Because one of these days in the next few years , I really am going to be preggo (hopefully) and wanting eggos and legos. Comprendo?

Now, according to previous musings, I have shed light on two things (yea right, probably 18 million things) about our little apartment:

1) Well, I already said it, namely that it is little.
2) That I keep a lot of stuff in drawers because there is just no other place to put things.

Something I haven't shared is that I really love writing letters and cards. And of course picking out fun stamps from the post office to stick on these letters and cards. I like to picture what my friend or grandma looks like as she reads the little note from me when it arrives in their mailbox. It seriously makes me happy! Not to mention, I love love love receiving mail too. I save most every note or letter I get because it is a thoughtful little morsel of love from your friend or grandma who sent it.

Catching a theme here? Yes, most of the time it is Michael's Grandma Lee who writes to us. I love it. And of course my mom sends me newspaper clippings and "Love Is" cartoons from the Dallas Morning News and Park Cities People. I love it.

The issue lately is that I have been a little lackluster about writing letters, and there is a reason for it: I never dare open my stationary drawer (back to point #2 above) for fear that something is going to jump out at me. I mean not really. But sort of! It is a mess of cards, envelopes, little bundles of thank you cards, congratulation cards, birthday cards, just because cards (this is the majority of my collection), and notebook paper. (Notebook paper? Really?? From 5th grade, I'm sure.)

So clearly, I needed to organize my drawer. And while doing so, I came across a problem and I really don't know what to do about it:

You catch my drift, I hope.

What do you do with your old personalized stationary if your name changes?!??? Really. I am quite stumped. This should never happen to someone on her A-game as she would have already used her personalized stationary as she dutifully wrote letters on a regular basis her whole life, but clearly, I am very rarely on my A-game.

I really can't think of what to do. Ok, well truthfully I have two ideas:

1) Use them for my to-do/grocery lists (this just doesn't seem right to me.)
2) Pray that my brother has a daughter one day and names her Carey Elizabeth. (I mean, why wouldn't he??)

Other than these two ideas, I'm at a loss. I even googled "what to do with personalized stationary if your name changes?" and there's nothing. If this has ever happened to you, please let me know what you did. But don't tell me to throw it all away. That is some thick card stock and I refuse to leave a bigger carbon footprint than I already am. Hmmmph.

Anyway, I'm glad to finally have this tiny corner of my life a bit more organized. I no longer fear the beast waiting to attack when I open my stationary drawer. Oh and the other thing I really like about writing letters besides knowing that it will bring a morsel of love to the recipient is the fact that there is absolutely no technology needed whatsoever when you pick up a pen, open a card and write words on paper. No technology either when you stick a stamp on a letter. Lord knows me and technology don't mesh well. A few weeks ago, I borrowed a friend's Kindle charger cord because another friend let me borrow her Kindle and I was nervous I'd be stuck on a flight  home from San Francisco with no power left on the Kindle. Can you imagine anything worse??? Being stuck on a plane without a book to read??? Not I, said the fly. So anyway, when my friend gave me her Kindle charger, I promptly swung it around and threw it in my glass of water next to me.

Way to go, flopsy.

Guess I'm making a trip to Best Buy.

(Turns out, the charger still works -- victory!)

I'm sticking with old fashioned page-turners. As in, you have to physically turn the pages while reading.

The moral of the story is that my new organized stationary drawer is already a win because today, I went outside in this BEAUTIFUL weather and wrote a letter.

Oh M Gee. I can't believe I'm showing off my non-painted, dry, winter toes.

Please forgive me.

I'm over it.


  1. i hate to be the one that says it, but....just do it. recycle those bad boys. otherwise they will sit in your drawer for years and years and take up space that you could be using for something else??
    Just a thought

  2. WRITE ME A LETTER! My friend, Elizabeth, uses it to write her closest friends letters. She says you are the "special ones" if you get the ERW letters!

  3. Claire, I already took them out of my drawer.... but moved them to a pile on a kitchen stool.... hahah not much better. I can't throw them away!!! I will have to use them as grocery lists. Depressing. And Molly, of course you will get letters!! I have been bad at writing them forever... so I am not going to get back in the swing of it. At least one letter a week. You are definitely one of the "special ones" - don't worry! Same goes for you, Claire. xoxoxox!