Friday, January 18, 2013

January Funk

WHAT IS IT WITH THIS MONTH? January is so, so, so uhhh whatistheword.... humdrum. No offense to one of my dear friends (Tilly!) whose birthday is today, but everyone I've talked to lately has been a little glum. I swear we all need more Vitamin D, as mentioned in the previous post.

Lo and behold, today the sun came out! Despite the cold, it is sort of amazingly refreshing.

The sun. Oh man, how I love it.

I started a new daily devotional this year. Actually, it is old -- I read it each day while I was in Argentina six years ago (Side note: six [6] years ago?!? WHAT) and then it got lost in the back of my car until Michael organized the back of my car when we got married.

Oh dear, that was a long time to be sitting in the back of my car.

Anyway, after a few years of Jesus Calling, it was about time to switch it up. I've been reading Joy and Strength (shout out to Nehemiah 8:10) by Mary Wilder Tileston for all of 18 days now, and I can't believe I ever let this gem get lost.

It is amazing.

I was planning on typing this out to share, but my laziness got the better of me (surprise!) so a photo will have to do. This is the daily devo from a few days ago. I really don't have much to add, so please read it.

No doubt about it, I am that feeble invalid. Everyday single day.

So here I am, in the sunshine of His love.

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