Friday, December 14, 2012

To Skate or Not to Skate

Last night, we celebrated my birthday in a simple and wonderful way: dinner and ice-skating. Or should I say dinner and ICE-SKATING?!?!??? Are you kidding me? Are you crazy??!

I once broke my arm ice-skating (this was back before my calcium strong bones were like they are today = unbreakable. Knock on wood. I was a wisp of a child until like..... college) so it did seem a rather perilous choice on my 27th birthday.

Aside: Is 27 considered upper twenties? Oh Lordy. Hold. The. Phone.

I confess that after our cheery dinner at Farmers and Fishers (and Bakers?), I was feeling a little doubtful about the ice-skating endeavor. Btw, FFB just recently re-opened after the great flood of 2011 in Georgetown, and it basically rocks. The details put into the re-design are beautiful and so creative and fun. Liiiike, there are fake beehives in the bathroom stalls with little bees on the ceiling. Who'd da thunk? And they have celebration cake for the bday girls like me who surely frequent the premises.

So, back to skating. I was feeling quite content and snuggly warm after dinner, and the physical activity in which you strap sharp knife-like blades to your feet and supposedly "glide" on ice seemed dubious and painful. I asked my grandma earlier in the day if she liked to ice-skate. "Your ankles will hurt" was her loving reply. Oh dear me. 

Well, good thing Michael is strong because he tied my skate laces so tight that I couldn't walk.

But that's ok!

Because you skate!

Oh my gosh. Total 360 degree reversal of expectations. Ice-skating was a total blast. I am such a fan. I loved every minute of it.

Here is my main squeeze (who by the way is in the middle of med school exams and yet you wouldn't have known last night! He has this amazing ability to shut off his studying for a bit. I love this man):

Takes me back to 2nd grade:

There was only one tumble on the ice and it wasn't me! It was someone in this picture below. And it wasn't a girl and it wasn't anyone with a backpack and it wasn't the man I love.

He heee ho ho ho.

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday. I was pleased as punch to discover how much fun ice-skating is, and I felt so loved by dear friends and family. It was wonderful to receive all the texts, emails, calls, facebook posts and instagrams. What in the world. I guess people just used to send cards in the mail before technology gave us other options. (Don't get me wrong, I'll always be a sucker for snail mail - who isn't?) No matter what method, feeling celebrated on your birthday is quite special.

And guess what? My ankles aren't sore this morning. WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE.

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