Monday, December 10, 2012

The House at Tyneford

Need a good Christmas read? Chomping at the bit for Downton Abbey season 3? Want a glimpse into life for the coastal English elite and their servants during WWII? Ummmm want a little love story? Need I say more...

Here is your book:

Anytime my blogging falls to the wayside, there really can be one and only one reason: I'm curled up with a blanket on the sofa drinking hot tea, totally consumed in the pleasures of a good book.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

The House at Tyneford wins the prize for my favorite read since...well, since Cutting for Stone a few months ago,  which I think I forgot to mention on this blog. Cutting for Stone is absolutely GREAT, especially if you are at all medically-minded. Even if you aren't, it is truly a good read that will stick with you long after finishing it. Anyway, The House at Tyneford is easy and sweet and charming, and also soberly gives a glimpse into the tragedy of the Jewish struggle to flee Nazi territory during the war. 

In keeping with the theme of English elite and their servants, I'm now reading Wuthering Heights. No, just like Anna Karenina, I haven't read Wuthering Heights either. What happened to my education, you ask? Pray, I just don't know. However, I'm only 32 pages into WH and am very intrigued. And my vocabulary is growing my the minute since every tenth word is, ummmm how should I put it..... lugubriously perplexing.

Ok that's it. Merry reading. I'm always open to good book recs so shout them out if you have 'em! Over and out.


  1. I read Wuthering Heights two years ago, and the entire time I was reading it I kept wondering WHY HASN'T ANYONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL BOOK! So beautiful.

  2. Amazing, D'Ann! I'm getting that sense from it too...

  3. Wuthering Heights is a good one! I had the "Why haven't I read this until now?" moment recently with The Catcher in the Rye. LOVED IT - could not put it down.

  4. oooooooooo I haven't read CITR either... Chris loves it and talks about it often. I'll add it to the list.