Monday, November 5, 2012

I love ME.

My dear friend Avery lives in Portland, ME, and I hopped up the coast to visit her last weekend. Of all of my friends who could live in Maine and live in Maine well, it would definitely be Aves. She not only is the coolest person because she is super creative, likes ramen noodles (this was a new discovery on my part), owns 2 kitties, keeps up her dance skills with weekly ballet class, and has kept her haul of costumes from college (not surprising), she also has an attitude of adventure. And Maine is an adventure! 

I had never been so far north in the US and was expecting sub-zero temperatures... in October... But no, it was so pleasant! I think it was actually warmer in Portland last weekend then in DC. 
View as we drove down the hill to Avery's house

That is water in the distance -- can you see it? I forgot to take a pic of the actual water that basically surrounds the peninsula where Avery lives, but it definitely took me by surprise when you come over the hill. Ta-da! Water! Portland felt to me like Annapolis and San Francisco combined. Lots of water and charming homes like Annapolis, and a trendy but laid back vibe like SF. And kind of spooky on a cool night with the fog coming off the water. 

We spent Friday afternoon at Tim's brewery after eating a perfect lunch of panini sandwiches and truffle fries at Duckfat:

Tim = Avery's boyfriend. Fascinated with her ballet shoes. 

Oxbow: An American Farmhouse Brewery
First taste!

I had never tried any Oxbow beer before, even though it sells in DC. Let's be honest, I'm not really all that knowledgeable about beer in general. (Do they have Bud Light Lime??) But I loved it! Not too heavy but really flavorful.
Tim gives Dee some beer. 

We also took a a little jaunt through the woods around the property, beer in hand. And then we ate a lot of pizza from this country store that you definitely wouldn't find on Google maps. Avery = knows the local gems. 

On Saturday, we explored Portland from top to bottom. Coffee, brunch, walking through orange, leafy neighborhoods, walking into all the home good stores, loving everything I saw in the home good stores, buying everything none of what I saw in the home good stores, watching Friends re-runs and letting our tired legs rest, eating dinner at this ramen noodle place that was off-the-charts good, and going out for Halloween! 

And eating late night pizza again. Felt like college. Love. 

Avery was such a great hostess. We hadn't gotten that much one-on-one time probably since ummm gosh I don't even know. Maybe since high school when we would watch Dead Poets Society or when we would dress up for the Harry Potter midnight book releases at Barnes and Noble. 

Oh yea. Living on the wild side. 

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