Monday, October 1, 2012

Pieces of Cake

I drove down to High Point, North Carolina this past weekend to see Chris in Romeo and Juliet. I hadn't seen my brother in a play since 2002 when he was the king in the Three Musketeers in his senior play at Highland Park. That was kind of a fluke because it was way before Chris even knew he wanted to be an actor in the first place, so seeing him as a "real" actor was magnificent! 

Chris aka Paris, I-wish-I-could-Act, and Romeo himself 
My friend Alexandra came with me, and we shared good tunes and good stories and didn't get too much sleep, but she was the best driving/theater buddy ever. 

I made it back in time to get to church yesterday evening, which was good for my soul, like always. 

During the sermon, Glenn referenced I Kings 19:4-8. Elijah (essentially Prophet Numero Uno of the Old Testament) has just had a major meltdown. And God just does the sweetest thing. He makes him lie down to sleep and then wakes him so that God can feed him little pieces of cake. 

How wonderfully nourishing is that. Sometimes we just need to rest and be nourished in the face of all that whirls around us. 

Michael and I decided to make this our theme for October. 

It's pretty simple. Yet we often forget to do this. 

He makes me lie down in green pastures... 

Hello October! 

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