Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello, Lobster! and a Med School Update

Skippy. Summer 2k12. Maine.

Maine is calling! Tomorrow I fly to visit my dear friend who lives in Portland and plan to frolic through the fields. Or forest. I am not exactly sure what the terrain is like....but I'll find out!

In other news, Michael and I have lately been acting like 72-year-olds by going to bed really early and waking up really early to try to accomplish all that we didn't do by going to bed really early. Our days have been jam-packed with events, get-togethers, Bible studies, community groups, med school dinners, and friend dinners. My typical and necessary couch-time (in which I sit on the couch between the hours of 5-6pm and "read." In which I mean I fall asleep) hasn't happened in 2 weeks and I think my brain is getting fuzzy. I don't even know what that means.

Medical school for Michael has been a continual ball of both joy and anxiety. I think the anxiety comes not from the rigors and demands that med school puts on him, but really the rigors and demands that being a part of a big community puts on him. He and I talk continually about how to balance being a full time student with being a husband, a friend, a CG leader, a son, a brother, a many things. When is it important and right to put studying before spending time with friends? Or before spending time with your wife? Ummmmm NEVER. (I'm kidding...but actually, Michael would say that that is an accurate statement). I actually tend to push Michael to study maybe more than I should. I do that because I know that if I was in his shoes, I would be stressed out of my mind and would have no life whatsoever outside of school and would come home sobbing with fear that I would fail. (THIS IS WHY I'M NOT IN HIS SHOES.) But for Michael, the answer isn't to study more. He feels best when there is a strong sense of balance between his work and his life. When he understands what he is learning and when he feels like he is being a good husband or friend, regardless of whether he is caught up in his studies or not.

He comes home each day and will tell me so much about what he is learning even though I honestly have no idea what he is talking about. We've had a couple of breakthrough (a-ha!) moments when I actually comprehend the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol, or when I can articulate in my own words how the 2nd year course structure is set up, or when I can help him remember a drug name/use that keeps eluding him. (Example: Ritodrine -- a beta agonist used to stop premature labor. Remember it this way: beta, like Aunt (Ro)berta, and she didn't have any premature labors; and agonist sounds like against so it's a drug against premature labor. Example 2: Arginine - is this a positive or negative amino acid?? It's positive because it's like Argentina! Which is the best.) On the whole though, I typically just listen because it's a good way for Michael to feel like he is sharing this huge part of his life with me.

Aside from listening, my main job is to feed him and love him and hug him and pray with him and ask him to give me a foot rub every now and then, and make him go running with me. Michael hates running and he can't believe that I have made a runner out of him! He'll now come with me on my 3.2 mile loop around Mass Ave, which is no easy feat because the majority of that loop is a big hill. And as stated previously, we've been acting like 72-year-olds, and this includes feeling like them -- my feet always hurt and Michael has bad hips. Good grief, aren't we a winning pair.

We are so excited for Christmas to get here when Michael will have a few weeks off and we can truly rest! It's actually his last official break until Christmas 2013. Gasp! for! air! But in all seriousness, the demands of med school haven't been what everyone feared. People thought we were crazy for getting married right before his first year, but we actually get to spend a lot more time together than even we expected. There are 2 things attributing to that: 1) Michael is so good at closing his books and seeking face time with me, and 2) I have a wonderful job that allows me to work from home so I can typically  be there working while Michael is home studying.

Being married to a med school student certainly has its challenges, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Ok maybe for a Mini Cooper. Nah, just kidding. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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