Thursday, October 4, 2012

Give it Away

I realized recently, well ok maybe everyday I realize this, that I have way too many clothes. And my closet is the size of a shady hotel shower in Venice. If you have ever stayed in a shady hotel in Venice, you may recall that the showers are big enough for maybe one leg. Maybe one arm as well -- but that's being generous. So I have a very small closet. 

I also realized that it's ok to have a lot of clothes if you wear them. If you are like me and wear only one outfit pretttty much all the time, then what are you doing with all of your clothes that are just hanging there?

Here is my uniform. I wear these designer duds, or some variation of it (Nike running shorts and an American Apparel Track Tshirt) all the time. I mean really all the time. I should probably not do that so much, but I have wracked my brain and can't really find a reason not to wear this outfit. 
  • It's comfortable.
  • It's sporty (I'm not really sporty but I was asked by the doctor last week if I was an athlete after she took my blood pressure. Apparently it's so low that I'm barely alive or something.)
  • My bright shoes make me kind of happy. 
  • I can run from gun-wielding folks on the streets of Georgetown (This is true. I should write about this story). 
  • I can go on a walking date with a friend with less than a minute's notice. 
  • I can hide money and my house key in the little pocket of my shorts just in case I need to go get Tsweets real quick.
So as a result of this brain wrackage, my one outfit-wearing self has decided that I need to give more clothes away. To friends or to Goodwill, it doesn't really make a difference to whom it goes! But I do think it's more fun to give things to people you know will wear them. Last week, I gave away a dress that I literally hadn't worn since 2008. 

We could be sisters.

No lie. This was the last time I wore it. It was spring 2008, my 4th year at UVA, and I was at a post Foxfield brunch/engagement shower for someone. I really am not sure who! Anyway, I gave the dress to a friend who I knew would love it and who would wear it with glee. I love it when you see something at a store or have something already that you know is the perfect gift for someone. I am terrible at this so it doesn't happen that often, but it rocks my socks when it works out well. 

Giving things away can make you feel so good -- it really is better to give than to receive.  It's like taking a hit to the soul, in a good way. A few months ago, Michael and I were driving home on a road that we weren't familiar with, and we realized entirely too late that we were in the "EZ Pass" toll lane. We don't have an EZ Pass. Ohhhhh shooot. This is where you royally piss off every driver on the road because you have to butt in front of the cars who actually know what they're doing and have waited for 10 minutes to get through the "change-made" lane. 


I hate being that person who has to butt in, but more than that, I hate letting people in front of me. 

I know, it's terrible. 

I am seeking therapy. 

Anyway, just when I'm about to crawl to the floorboard and pretend like I'm not in the car and leave driver Michael to fend for himself, these super nice guys driving a Chevy Suburban (must have been from Texas) waved at us to cut in front of them. 

Well, I'll be! Ain't that something. We loved those guys immediately. And then the best part happened: we decided to pay their toll as a thank you. For the next 5 minutes until we got to the toll booth, we were like giddy school kids about to prank the teacher. Only in a good way. Because we knew we were about to pay the $6 (Holy cow, six dollars??) toll for the Chevy Suburban behind us. 

Pay it forward! 

After those guys made it through the toll, they sped up to us and waved and honked and smiled. And we waved and honked and smiled. It was glorious. Truly. Glorious is definitely the right word here. 

I will never forget the fun of doing that. I know it is such a small thing to do, to pay someone else's toll, but it was really just letting them know that we were thankful for their kindness to us. 

Giving things away... clothes, money, time, your energy, whatever it may be.... It's so good and just really super amazingly glorious. I'm pumped to do this more. Starting with my clothes! 

And I'll jam out to this song while doing it:

Au revoir! Off to make some butternut squash ravioli and a maple glaze sauce. Just because? Because it's fall, yall. 

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  1. such a good post!! totally agree on the venice bathrooms... wow. teeninetsy. way to pay it forward gf!