Thursday, October 18, 2012

All things FALL, yall. A Photo Essay.

It's mid-October already. (Of the year 2012. WHAT.) So we hopped on the "I love fall" bandwagon and have been frolicking through quite a few fields lately. Let's be honest, who isn't on the "I love fall" bandwagon? Maybe our feisty presidential hopefuls who just want November 6th to get here. Ummmm but that is probably it.

So. We went apple picking. 

There's a man in that tree!

And berry picking. 

Both with these two blondies:
Ahoy! We pick berries!
Then I had a photo shoot with the raspberries:
I'm in love with you, raspberry. 

Then we made a berry crisp with the fruits of our labor. 

Get it? Fruits of our... oh nevermind. 
(The crisp wasn't 5 stars in my book so I won't bother sharing the recipe.) 

Then I saved the apples and a week later made an apple pie for Mimi's birthday!

This pie is SO good that it deserves its own post. So I'll leave you hanging...

Then, we needed to get outside again so we went to a vineyard with these lovelies:
We love the fall! 

Oh wait, ow, something in my eye...
Michael clearly doesn't care.
Amy and I felt like young school girls again...

Happy happy merry. 

I also made the most amazing potato soup. 
Don't mistake those taters for apples
Why must all good things in life be chopped? Because you have to earn your keep, that's why. This soup is so good that we ate it too quickly to take a pic. But here is the recipe - compliments of the lovely blondie in the berry field, Jenn.  

Curl up with a good book and eat this soup. Or wear 19 layers because it is so cold out and eat this soup. Or count your Republican vs. Democrat friends on Facebook during a presidential debate because they sure do make it quite apparent who they love and who they don't, and eat this soup. 

Last but not least in this fall-themed montage, I've discovered that I am completely worthless when it comes to decorating pumpkins, which I did one Friday afternoon with Liz and Alexandra. In mid-September. We may have jumped the gun with the fall spirit on that one. I've been waiting for the neighborhood kids to come smash this ugly thing, but it hasn't happened yet.

Probably too scared to come close enough.

Happy fall!

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