Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inspiration Station

I love good advertising. In fact, one of my very first posts on this here space was about how much I love Blue Moon advertising. I have also mentioned how much I love the Rosetta Stone ads. Mmmm what else. Toms. French Markets. I think there is more. Oh yes, how could I forget about the Cupcake Cars featured in the Neiman's catalog.

So today, my daily dose of Jetsetter warrants a shout out:

How awesome. Left Coast Love.

How about some East Coast Love?

Here is my beloved Avery. She lives in Maine. I get to go visit her in a month, and sometimes I lose sleep over that fact. No lie!

Next: Here is my beloved Molly, her hubby, and Mr. Bates in sunny Charlottesville.

Yes, I said "Mr. Bates." Talk about EAST COAST LOVE.

Last: These are my sister-in-laws, but really just my sisters.

We were together last weekend for Wanda and Grant's wedding in upstate New York. I love these women!

Let's get to the point:

From coast to coast, go find your love!

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