Friday, August 17, 2012


I think I was a little too ambitious with my beach reads. I only read two books, not seven. I can attribute  this two-book phenomenon to one of two things:

1) The lightning fast reader that I imagined I once was is no more.


2) Maybe my memory is selective and I over-exaggerated and never really did read the exceedingly high number of books in summers past as described in this post.


I did read In the Garden of Beasts. I wouldn't rush out to read it unless you have a strong hankering to know what life was like in 1933-34 Nazi Germany. Reading typically affects my dreams (ummmm Hunger Games?? Geez louise), and in this case, I had scary dreams about speaking in hushed tones, Soviet spies, and living under hidden but pervasive oppression. Good thing I started the week with The Pioneer Woman. Let freedom ring in America! And in this case, in the Oklahoma prairie where she lives with her Marlboro Man.

Really though, In the Garden of Beasts was a heavy read. So heavy that last night I walked across the street to one of my local havens and rented Letters to Juliet. Michael even watched it with me. To his credit, he did NOT know what a cheesy movie it is. But also to his credit, he is my best friend and watched it with me just because he loves me... I think I'll keep him around.

And you won't believe it, but I cried. Cried. Watching Letters to Juliet, maybe one of the sappiest movies of all time. What is wrong with me? At least it was at the deepest part of the movie (which is still very light) when Charlie accuses Sophie of not understanding pain because she has never experienced real loss. Wrong thing to say, Charlie.

Charlie bit my finger...

Anyway, here is a pic of Michael. Today completes his first week as a student again. Second year of med school and my man is looking good.

Albeit, a tad bleary-eyed. But this was taken at 7am on a Friday morning. Pretty handsome for 7am.

There is a little thing that I discovered in our first year of marriage and promptly capitalized on. Two words.

Wrinkle. Free.

Booyah. Wrinkle-free shirts are the jam. I don't have many sworn enemies, but let me tell you what, the iron and I do not get along. An easy fix? Wrinkle-free shirts for the hubs. It's like magic. They do not wrinkle in the dryer AT ALL. I'm in love.

Speaking of sworn enemies, the political scene has been rather acerbic lately. Regardless of my political beliefs, I think it would be pretty cool to have the VPOTUS with my maiden name. Also, I think Paul Ryan is the spittin' image of Steve Carell.

Well, kind of. Call me crazy.

But let's be honest, I'm way more politically interested with what's happening across the pond:

There is definitely NOT a child in that belly.

Good grief, maybe I need to start doing Jillian again. Confession: I didn't get to 30 days of the 30 Day Shred. I got to day 28 and then I was at the beach. I did go running a few times while there, so that was something, but those final 2 days of Jillian were couched. However, my friend Molly said that Jillian says to take one day off a week -- which was news to me! So if you think of it like that, then I actually did complete the whole Shred. I was definitely feeling shredded while it lasted, but that workout is just not sustainable.

I have way better things to do, like make lasagna. Or sing in the shower. Or go to happy hour with a friendy. Which I am off to go do!


  1. CB-

    I just read In the Garden of Beasts for book club this month. I gave it a thumbs down overall (for writing and presentation mostly) but it was definitely an eye opener and I learned some interesting stuff about those damn Nazis!

    Requisite book club question: what was your opinion of Martha?

    Also, was this the source of that Kate midriff pic?

    Hope all is well in DC?


  2. Girlfriend! You totally shredded. Mi madre told me to read Garden of Beasts too. May have to so we can compare notes.