Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pass the Parm

I was making a salad for dinner last night, and this thought popped into my mind:

"Above all else, put on parmesan cheese, which binds it together in perfect unity."

I am not kidding.

10 points if you know where that verse comes from (the real one, not my edited, salad one).

It's a very fitting thought for this salad because the parmesan cheese really does bind this salad together. You know that feeling when your body is craving something so much? Sometimes you know it (GIVE ME PEANUT BUTTER OR GIVE ME DEATH) and sometimes you don't know it until some goodness hits your mouth and goes straight to your soul. The latter happened for Michael, my brother and I while at the beach a few weeks ago. We ate a salad that not only cleaned our insides but also blessed our souls and awakened us to a whole new world of dietary fulfillment. I could see farther, run faster, think clearer, and basically felt like a brand new spring tulip.

Watch out, world!

Recipe forthcoming. It was another cheesefest movie night tonight in the Catalino household and I'm sleepy. Off to dream about love. And probably some cheese.

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