Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beach Reads Extravaganza!

I am incredibly stoked to go to the beach this coming week with my fam. By nature of my dad being a pastor, holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving weren't as steeped in tradition as I know they can be since my dad often had to lead services at church. Therefore (what's it there for?) our summer beach trips have always been some of my fondest memories.

After 20+ years of going to North Carolina with the Cox clan, we've been switching it up for Michigan, and new to the beach venues this year is New Joiiisey. Holy smokes, Jersey shore?! Yes, yes, yes, only think less gold chains and guido and more family ice-cream cones and gin rummy.

I know what you're thinking:

Ryan Family = They party hard.


Our beach trips wouldn't be complete without one crucially important piece: beach reads!

We typically each have about 4-7 books and often swap books by the end of the week. This year, I'm overly excited about my exceptionally baller choices:

I live for the library.

The break down:

In the Garden of Beasts: The true story of the American Ambassador and his family in 1933 Berlin. I predict there will be a film adaptation...
The Night Circus: Romance and magic. I'm thining this is going to be Water for Elephants (the book is much better than the movie) combined with The Illusionist.
Pioneer Women: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels:  The title says it all. I've been told that I will fly through this book. Ree is my hero.
The Meaning of Marriage: I thiiiinnk this will more or less a review of Keller's sermon series on marriage, which Michael and I started listening to ummmmm maybeee liiiike 2 months into our dating relationship. Hey, when you know, you know. Regardless of that, I'm excited to read this book with Michael after one year of marriage under our belts. We have much to learn! (As if you could ever stop learning about marriage...chaa right).

However, before I even get to the aforementioned gems, I need to finish my current read:

Considering the fact that I interact with oncologists on a daily basis, it only made sense that I read this book. But what began as a book that I felt obligated to read because of my profession has morphed into a amazingly readible story about the history of cancer, doctors, treatment, and of course, the patients themselves. Everyone has been affected by cancer, whether personally or through friends or family, and this book puts the entire cancer world into perspective. I can't recommend it enough!

Thrown into this mix of this literary goodness, Michael and I also will be practicing our espanol with our toes in the water.

Que divertido!

I felt rather ambitious a few weeks ago (that's why the Jillian Michaels kick began in the first place) and decided to renew my ability to speak Spanish. So what better way to do so than in the sunshine?? Talk about maximizing productivity.

Adios, home slices. Keep calm and carry on, and tell me some of your favorite beach reads too!

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