Tuesday, July 24, 2012


These ladies are my sisters (in-law). Our kids are going to be cousins. Watch out world! Little love nuggets running around!

I of course have always had my little sister Bekah (aka Smokey Pants, aka Petunia Brains, aka Crazy Legs, aka Bekah Bones, or just Bones, or the Bones), but as I have mentioned before, she is rather unique.

And by unique, what I really mean is CUTE AS PEACH PIE! When she wants to be. She can also be a bit cranky. Like a woman with a mean hangover and a splinter in her butt.


So, I didn't grow up fighting over clothes, or sharing a bathroom, or pulling out hair, or putting make-up on each other, or doing any typical sisterly things with Bekah. Instead, we jumped on the trampoline, went swimming, fed the ducks, walked around the mall, sung along to Wee Sing Sing-a-longs, Barney and Friends, Sesame Street, and Psalty the Singing Songbook, and played this stop and go game where you run down the sidewalk saying "run, Bekah, run!" and then "stop!" and Bekah thinking it was the funniest thing in the world. (For the record, it was funny... and quite fun.)

When I married Michael, I all of a sudden had Alisha and Lora, his two sisters who basically rock my socks. They are funny and sweet and (thankfully) younger than me -- I at least have that edge on them because otherwise they would so supersede me on the coolness factor that I would be shakin' in my boots anytime they were around. And Michael's brother Grant is about to marry quite a star of a woman. If this bookmark I found isn't an indication of how quirky and delightful she is, than shut my mouth and fly me to the moon.

All I can say is YES.

I feel lucky to have missed the bossy, clothes-stealing sister years (although it seems to me that those memories are the ones that end up getting the most laughs these days), and now have three beautiful and inspiring sisters to walk through life with. What a joy!

My suggestion: call your sister(s) and tell her that you love her to pieces. Despite the craziness of growing up together, most of my friends are super close with their sisters (Aves and Helen, the Warrick sisters, Sara and Virg, Allie and Audrey, Molly and Jennifer, the Johnson sisters, Amanda and Jessica...I could go on and on!) These women are in a unique position to offer advice and love and laughter and a real intimacy that sometimes doesn't happen with other friends (...but it can happen with the dearest of friends too... and THAT is a subject for a whole other post altogether!)

Goodnight Sistaaas!

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