Friday, July 13, 2012

Pesto and Grinders

Yesterday, we cut down more of the babes.

I wasn't positive about the proper basil-cutting technique, but Cheesy Basil Man came to the rescue, thank goodness.

Now, I've done my research, and I think it's nearly impossible to mess up making pesto. The recipes are all more or less the same basic ingredients, with endless variations. I made a couple separate batches of pesto, and I thiiiiink I hit a great flavor combo.

The ratios above equal about enough pesto to fill two-thirds of the taller mason jar below.

I was trying to be artsy (typically always a fail) and took this pic, which I think is nothing special... but what really made me smile was what this picture represents! = Some of my dear friends who I love like sugar plums.


Also, we Michael made the most simple yet delicious meal for dinner last night. Our dear friends' baby boy is in the hospital for a few weeks so we took them a meal at Children's.

Do you know what this is?? This is not just any sandwich. These are grinders! A very special and unbelievably good sub sandwich that Michael's Grandma Lee made for us once at her home in Connecticut.

From Wikipedia: "Grinder (Italian-American slang for a dock worker)—New England. Called grinder because it took a lot of chewing to eat the hard crust of the bread used. In Pennsylvania, the term grinder refers to a sandwich that has been heated. In eastern Massachusetts a grinder is a toasted sub, toasted in a pizza oven." We don't have a pizza oven, but toasting them in the oven worked just fine.

So easy, super filling (like you could just eat half if you had a lot of self-control, but let's be honest, sometimes girl'z gotta CHOW DOWN), and so flavorful! Like the Italian version of a torta from Tortas Frontera that I beg you not to forget about if you ever find yourself at Chicago O'Hare. 

Last but not least, the 30 Day Shred challenge is coming along, slowly but surely. Yesterday was day 4, and I switched it up and muted Jillian and instead listened to some mellow tunes like this and this. It was amazing. I ended up focusing more on the music and not the workout. And today, day 5, Michael did it again with me and we listened to tunes. Feeling good! The chest flies kind of hurt, which is weird since they are typically the easiest thing.

Alright, off to cook dinner for these two lovebirds.

Happy weekend!!

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