Sunday, July 8, 2012

Belated 4th of July Greetings

We stood, steady as the stars in the wood. 
So happy-hearted, and the warmth rang true inside these bones. 

Speaking of stars, I just read a very sweet book called The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It is a love story between two kids with cancer. So sweet, so genuine, often funny, always poignant, and tissues are of course needed. It's an easy read and definitely a page-turner!

I also want to share a recipe that we made last week. It was so good. Like candy good. Only not like candy because this dish is healthy!

Here is the recipe. Except I used brown rice instead of white, ran out of rice vinegar halfway through so used half rice vinegar and half white wine vinegar, accidentally bought sugar snap peas instead of snow peas but highly recommend this switcharoo, and chopped up the 1/4 cup peanuts in the food processor so the pieces were smaller. I seriously could eat this instead of ice cream. Seriously. The chicken was only just OK so don't go running for out for it, but you should SPRINT to the store to get the ingredients for the rice salad.

And last but not least, we are bursting with basil up in herrr. Here are two examples of basil-mania from the past two weeks: Spicy Thai Chicken with Basil, and tonight's dinner of pasta with sweet Italian sausage and basil on top.

Get it while it lasts. Go 4th and Shine!

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