Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1-year Old Cake and Day 3 Report

Last July 2nd, Michael and I had a bit of a debacle on our wedding night in Charlottesville. When I say a bit, what I really mean is a full-scale FIASCO. Maybe I should just tell the whole story. Mmmm seems a bit ambitious to me right now but maybe I will do it later. Long and short of it is that we had such a strange night once we arrived at our hotel that I felt like I was in the movie The Shining, only slapstick style....

Yes. I know. Hard to picture. 

Alas, it is the truth. And because the hotel of course wanted to save face after that night, we received a free night's stay to be used anytime we so please. Well, thought us, what better time than to celebrate our anniversary! So we did. And IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! They honestly pulled out all the stops for us and treated us like the one-day newlyweds we were a year ago, instead of the one-year newlyweds that we are. 

One of the most unexpected surprises of the weekend was diving into our wedding cake. I didn't actually know it was a tradition to save some of the cake and eat it on your 1st anniversary, but I am certainly not one to turn down anything sweet. I honestly didn't even remember what kind of cake it was (the groom's cake was carrot, my favorite) and so I was excited to find out.

Don't eat the flowers.
My Virginia parents, Frankie and B, graciously saved the cake for a year in their freezer, despite repeated attempts to "make sure we don't leave town without it!" Let's be honest, that cake wouldn't have fit in our smurf-size freezer.

Turns out, it was three layers of heaven! Vanilla, dark chocolate, and some smooth, nutty, coffee-like cream in the middle. Wowza. I also thought that it would taste like... well, like a one-year old cake. Au contraire, it was better than I remember it (since I didn't remember it). It was delicious! I wanted to bring it back to DC to share it with friends, but the idea of melted cake in the car was a bit of a determent. Go figure. 

A little picnic in the room after lounging in the pool. This pic really isn't that bad, but I am my mom's daughter. "Gotta leave something up to the imagination!" - Barbie Ryan. Or even better, "less cleavage; more camisoles." You heard it first here, folks. 

A little bubbly. Ra Row.

I also have some big news, and if you are still reading at this point, then you must really be my friend so have the right to know that .... I am pregnant!! 

Ok just kidding. But it looks like it, no?

And of course, round 2. A little night cap before beddy by. 

It really did feel like we had a 2nd honeymoon, and we were only gone from DC for a day! I guess we are easy to please. I just need some cake and lots of sun. Combo of the Gods. 

Last but not least, here is the day 3 Jillian Michael's report (backstory here): I'm still on level 1, and the 'squat and press' killed me today. I think my arms forgot how to move. Oh the pain! I also was kind of in a bad mood and wanted to throw in the towel. Thankfully, I had a guest appearance today - Michael! He rox my sox. By the end, I was feeling strong and the final 1-minute abs felt good. Onward! 

And some questions: are you supposed to do 10 days of level 1, then 10 days of level 2, then 10 days of level 3? Or can you switch it up however you feel like? Can I build up to level 3 and then drop back down to level 1 to have a break? Jillian doesn't explicitly say what to do so perhaps y'all will know! 


  1. hm i would guess 10 days at each level, but i say go for mixing it up!! who am i to offer advice though-- im still on level 1 and will be for a while. those lateral lunges w the arm raises get me every time...

    and the pregnant comment was NOT funny! i freaked out and grabbed my phone to call you!

  2. Totally, I like the idea of mixing it up. Who is this, Ms. Anonymous?

  3. So I may or may not have had a minor heart attack when I read you are (slash aren't) pregnant, hahaha. Way to keep me on my toes! And I LOVE your dress. You & the hubby look great!