Saturday, May 5, 2012

Purge alert!

As I have stated many times before, we live in a teeny little apartment. If something comes in, something must go. No matta what.* Typically, the only thing that comes in is food and that naturally goes anyway (thinnnnk about it), and we certainly aren't purchasing any furniture (no where to put it).....soooo to get to my point.... if I buy a new article of clothing, something must depart. 

So today, I'm going to dispose of my pink dress. Calvin Klein. $40 from Ross. Boo-ya. 
It got some good wears, such as our engagement party in Dallas (above), and most recently, it is what I wore to Liz's wedding in Houston a few months ago. Yayyy Lizzy and Marky!
Their wedding was a blast. Here is some proof: 

I got a little email from the bride herself on their honeymoon and this picture was attached. HA. Oh gosh. And it was taken early in the evening. What can I say?? There's a whole lotta love. In general. 

So, I feel justified in getting rid of my pink dress. It has served me well. Annnnd the straps broke off by the end of Liz's wedding, so it's kind of a bust. No pun intended. 
A good time was had by all.

It actually feels great to get rid of things. If you think it's ever gonna fit again, sistaaa stop dreamin. The Salvation Army needs it more than you. 

*There is one exception to this rule of getting rid of something if more things come into our little casita. I'll give you about 3 seconds to think about it, and if you know me well, you will get it right.... 1.... 2....3..... daaaaaa daaaaaaaa yes yes it is books. One can never have enough books.

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