Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grapefruit Ginger Ale

First. We had two weddings this past weekend in Charlottesville. Two? Why two? Because it is the bombdiggity to be wed in Cville.

Second. We drove back to DC late on Sunday night so that Michael could study all day on Monday. This is his LAST WEEK of his first year of med school! Amazing! I mean really, I can't get over how fast time flies. Michael is loving med school and honestly is just brilliant. I am very proud of him.

While Michael was studying, I was doing one of my favorite activities in the whole world.....

Launching rockets!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. That is not fun.

No, I was sunbathing with my current read: The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. It was slow going at first, but I am liking the book so far.

Then. This happened:

I am deathly poor.
I maxed out my credit on my credit card and
I can't find my debit card.
And I really need some new swimsuits.

Overheard at the Volta Park pool, Georgetown, Washington DC.


I honestly couldn't believe my hears, although in retrospect I shouldn't be shocked... The Volta Park pool is where the Georgetown summer classes kids hang out (I know, I know, stereotyping...but can you blame me??) As I heard that string of ridiculously ignorant and indulgent comments, I looked through the pool fence and could see a homeless man sitting on a bench beside the tennis courts with all that he owned in a bag next to him.


I am not trying to be overly judgmental. I have never know extreme wealth or extreme poverty, although compared to most everyone in the world, I am considered extremely rich. And so are you if you are reading this post. But the juxtaposition of a girl's comments on her own "poverty" and a man sitting in torn clothes about 30 feet away was so poignant.

Open my eyes Lord, that I may see...
Psalm 119:18

We really need to open our eyes to the need around us. I don't do this well. But there is such need. Use your gifts and resources that you have. The blessings will come back to you in full. I have no doubt!

Third. I got sick. I seriously went from good to bad to worse in a matter of hours. I don't think I have felt this sick since my 1st year at UVa when Ellen and I stole a car to get me to the doctor because I had  dual bronchitis and pneumonia. (This is a funny story that should be told at some point.) I'm not even sure what I have but I am determined to beat it! Especially because I am supposed to go to Chicago tomorrow for work. Michael is nursing me to health: he made chicken noodle soup last night, and tonight we are having split-pea. And I have discovered a great "get better soon" cocktail: Grapefruit Ginger Ale!

It's a winning combination.

Alright, time to conquer this. In the words of Michael Jackson, "Just beat it! No one wants to be defeated... showing how funky strong is your fight, just beat it." Ok!

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