Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Into It

I have been amazed at some of my friends' bouts with creativity lately.

Sara made this lamp after being inspired by something she saw on Pinterest:

She literally sawed the wood from a pine tree in her backyard. WHAT! Amazing. 

Alisha made this cake for a birthday celebration: 

That is homemade fondant. WHAT! Unreal.

Chris plays in a band. 

They are called Blonde Valhalla. WHAT! No way.

So, what did we do on Sunday?  We PLANTED things!
Thanks to Grandma Cathy and Gale for the seeds :) There is also a whole batch of basil growing inside as well.

Sundays are the best because we truly get a Sabbath rest, we garden (this is new) or go on some adventure, and Michael is spared from this kind of thing for a whole day:

Note the skullllz. There are 8 of them in that picture. That is 8 too many. 

As this is our first try with gardening and growing, it could be a flop. But maybe not! If we have success, I want to grow a garden of ranunculus. Talk about creative. Those flowers are totally God's handiwork. So beautiful! 

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