Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ode to my Blow Dryer

My blow dryer blew up yesterday. No big deal, right? Wrong. I have been weirdly sad about it for 24 hours. After all, besides my stuffed animal named Frank that I had to leave with my mom on my wedding day (see below), I really can't think of one other single item that has stuck with me for so long.

This blow dryer has been with me ever since I was 17 years old. Aka junior year of high school. And super long hair:

Then on to college...


And all three of my DC homes: 1) The Blue Barn (evicted from here... not our fault though!)

2) The Vista (my personal fave)...

and 3) The Kenmore House... which the only pic I can find of his house is what I posted here of us doing Jillian Michaels on the front porch.

All this time in DC, this lady shared a bathroom with me so she probably used the blow dryer too:

And then, I married my man... and didn't wash my hair the day of our wedding.

And didn't take the blowdryer on the honeymoon...

Which is why, since I left it out of all the fun, it probably decided to go ka-punk 10 months later.

Alas, I will get a new one. But really there is no hurry. My hair is straight but has wacko bendies that do not look nice unless they are tamed. I swear the blow dryer makes it smoother but no one believes me when I say that, mostly because no one believes me when I say my hair has wacko bendy parts.

Anyyyyyway, if there is no other purpose to my blowdryer blowing up, I really enjoyed looking through the thousands of pictures that are on my computer. It is a sweet reminder of friends, joys, love, laughter and so many memories.

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