Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Greetings

Remember Julius? My Ugandan brother who wished me a happy Women's Day? He wrote this email today to my family:

Dear Beloved Ones: Barbara, Skip, Chris, Bekah, Carey and Michael. 

Wow, another festive season-EASTER!! Fantastic or isn't it? Today, Good Friday, our Lord, Jesus Christ, is betrayed by His very own, Judas Iscariot, and handed over to wicked men who have the least respect for a person of His stature. He is mocked, scorned and derided. He definitely will be crucified and sure, He will rise on the third day- yes, RESURRECT in fulfillment of the scriptures that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Mighty conqueror of death! "Death be not proud after all"! (John Donne)

     Beloved ones, I wholeheartedly, wish you all a joyous Easter celebration - Yes, CARPE DIEM!

                  Yours forever,
                 Julius B

And that is the truth. SUCH JOY!

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