Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love Bean

Ok. ok. ok ok ok. ooooooo kkkkk!

If you went to Kanakuk Kamps growing up, you will know this diddy. 


We spent the past week in Texas for spring break. What was AMAZING about being in Dallas other than the pure thrill of being home and doing hardly anything at all except sit on the sofa was that unbeknownst to me, Claire and Billy were in town at the same time. 

Translation: I got to meet baby Gwennan! 

14 pounds of cute and a perfect mixture of her padres. She is a love bean and I am so happy to have met this little nugget of joy. 

I am often conflicted about babies these days. I do not want one. Right now. But I do think about it sometimes. They are tempting because they are EVERYWHERE. At the grocery store, at the park, in strollers, all over Facebook, on airplanes. I realize I am talking about babies like they are a just the next hot commodity to be purchased and not the precious lives that they are. I know they are precious, but I don't know it the way parents know it. I am just a passerby, but one day, Lord willing, I'll be a parent too. 

There's that seen in Father of the Bride, Part II where Nina and George are in the car after finding out she is pregnant. Nina looks out her window and sees a mother and daughter laughing and butterflies and love and flowers, while George looks out his window and sees a son screaming at his father. This is more or less how I feel about children. One minute you love them and one minute you really don't have any idea what to do with them. One minute I want one, and then I talk to my friend Sarah who completely and utterly has a knack for changing my mind. "You love your freedom, CB! What are you thinking! You would be miserable!"

Dang, Sarah. You may be right. 

Case in point:

Two summers ago, I was in Michigan with my family. We were riding bikes to the water and had just parked the bikes at the beach when we saw a father holding his son's arms down to keep the son from hitting him. The dad was holding the son's arms right below the elbows. Not hurting him in the least, just holding his arms down. The son was screaming one line over and over: "You're choking me!!"


After observing this for some time, my dad did his friendly wave/smile thing, pointed to Chris and me, and said, "It gets better, I promise." 

Although I am not sure my dad believes it himself....Chris and I proceeded to climb on rocks and refuse to look at the camera for a decent family picture. 

I tell no lies. 

Anyway, my plan is to send any misbehaving children to Michael. He told me once that all he'll have to do is give 'em the 'ole raised eyerbrow trick and they'll behave like angels. I'm counting on it. 

It was amazing to see one of my best friends now be a mom. Claire is totally relaxed and already a pro. She got Gwennan up and out of bed to meet Michael and me last Sunday night. Way cool. I feel like most new moms wouldn't even thinnnnnnk about getting their babies off of their sleep/feed schedule. Not so for Claire. Billy even accidentally knocked Gwennan's head with his elbow, made her cry, and both Claire and Billy acted all 'ain't no thang'-like and just carried on. They are so chill. 

I had no intention at all about writing this much about babies when I don't have one myself nor likely will for several years, but alas, this is what happens when I type and sit on the sofa with my green tea. 

Oh well. 

Oh Lord, before a word is on my tongue (or on paper,) you know it completely, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


  1. Cb!!! We loved getting to see you and Michael!! We miss you and love you!!

  2. What a cute little one! Glad you were able to spend time with family and friends in Dallas. Texas forever (name that television show...)!