Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did you know...

I received this email today from Julius, my "adopted" Ugandan brother, who my family stays in touch with after meeting him in Kampala a few years ago:

Sister, Carey Beth.
      This wish is a belated one according to our Ugandan time. But all the same, I, with great pleasure wish you a very joyous women's day! I know my in-law, Michael, is in for it as there is a rare change of roles for this particular day...did he do the dishes?
   My regards to him.
    Your loving Ugandan brother,
    Julius B. 

What!?? I promptly looked it up and lo and behold, today, March 8th, is International Women's Day! How this is not something we celebrate here in the US of A, I just don't know. Thankfully, I worked from home today and Michael was home studying. Upon my informing him of this international news bulletin, he promptly jumped up and cooked me lunch.

While Michael making lunch is by no means a "will wonders never cease" moment because he is a sweet hubster and has mad skillz in the kitchen, it did give my a chuckle that Julius asked if Michael did the dishes. Michael doing the dishes may just be the one thing I remind him of about 20 times a day. PYBITDW. DLYDINS.

Put Your Bowl In The DishWasher. Ok love!

Don't Leave Your Dishes In The Sink. Weeee!

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