Monday, February 27, 2012

Downton Abbey

We don't have Netflix. We don't actually have a TV. However, after the 5th person in three days recommended Downton Abbey to me, we ordered Netflix and I watched all of Season 1 and 2....and of course fell in love with Matthew and Mary, Anna and Mr. Bates, Lord Gratham, and especially Lady Violet. She is a Brit with wit if you know what I mean. Maggie Smith is a woman who I want to invite over for tea. The interchange between that knowing smile or disdainful sneer is just too good.

So, what was really special about taking a hiatus from the demands of real life and being buried in Edwardian England for a few days is that yesterday, Michael and I stumbled across Dumbarton Oaks, a hidden gem right in the middle of Georgetown. We seriously were amaaaazed that we have never been there before - it's only two blocks away from our house. We left 2012 and entered 1920 in a matter of minutes. After watching way too many hours of the show, I was so excited to be walking around the gardens of such a beautiful estate. I half expected to see Lord and Lady Gratham welcoming a visitor at the front door, and even tried to find the kitchens so as to see where the house staff would have congregated. Oh Mrs. Padmore!

Anyway. The Dumbarton gardens are exquisite. They go on and on. Everywhere you turn there was a new little bit of land to explore, vines to walk through, cobblestone paths to follow. We had so much fun, and this is February - not a thing was in bloom. I can't wait to go back in the green of spring:

(Photos from

I love this little pocket of history so close to our home. How marvelous. I plan to stroll around the gardens again next weekend and practice my posture like Lady Mary. Good heavens, I am determined to pull my shoulders back like she does! I wonder if she had to practice it too.

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