Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joy Deux

Two years ago, I asked friends to tell me what brings them joy, and I posted their answers here.  I loved hearing their replies so much that I asked them again last week. Here are some of the things they said:

Cute babies.*
Mikey and Granty

5:25pm on Friday!


Being able to really encourage my friends. 

The feeling after a good workout. 

The way my dad loves my mom. 

Purring kitties, hot apple cider, cashmere blankets, a beautiful crisp day, and my burly bearded happy man. 
Wilson and Lucinda

Sleeping next to you :) 

Walking Buster along the water with Thomas, being able to see the mountains and breathe in the salty air, and feeling thankful for everything we have been given. 

The chatter of little ones babbling in the back of your car. 

When Jimmy wakes up and scoots closer.** 

It felt pretty great when - in college - I sat in the audience and experienced the audience experience the play I'd written. So - I really like it when people are kinda mesmerized or transported or deeply engaged by something I've been integral in creating.  I'm not sure if that's joy.  It's definitely a deep satisfaction.  But it has a kind of lightness and elation to it - so I guess it is joy.

Buying people gifts I know they will love. 

Sunset in Virgin Gorda

Every fall I search for the perfect "fall leaf" to tape into my journal. The search brings me joy. Reminds me of growth and newness through change...for trees and people.


Getting lost in music.*** 

Having my marine safe and home. 

Cowboy boots! Driving with the windows down and heat on my feet! Working with kids! Anything turquoise! Fellowship! 

Cowboy boots


People. People that God brings in and out of my live give me immeasurable joy. 

Weekends with my husband, and decorating for Christmas! 

People stopping me to ask for directions, and me giving them proper directions, and them being really grateful.**** 

Sunlight pouring through an autumn leaf casting a red shadow my way. 

My hubby!!!!!!!

Going to a church service at Advent. For so long I thought I would have to leave and never get to be back in the most beautiful dilapitaded sancutary sweating--both during the summer and winter--with people who have become family and listening to old hymns and contemporary songs all sung to the tune of a few guitars, a cello, and a violinist. I think I cry almost evey Sunday out of the joy and peace I get by being there. There is something special about finding a place that really feels like home, when you're surrounded by a bigger place that really doesn't feel like home (referencing both DC (at times) and this world (almost all the time)). 

Sitting on the beach with my feet in the water, reading a book next to my mom.*****

*I agree about cute babies. But tonight at Safeway, I saw the most obnoxious 4 year-old girl in the checkout line. She didn't listen to her mom who told her to stop playing with the curled cord that goes across the aisle when the line is closed, and ended up getting her hair wrapped around it in the most haphazard way that only a screaming little punk could do. Birth control at its finest. 
**I think this is my favorite answer ever. 
***mmmmmm music. I have been listening to a Joshua Radin/Gungor mix on Pandora lately. And switching it up with some Pretty Lights. Finding the right song is pure joy. Try this. or this. or this
****One time in Argentina, an Argentine woman stopped me to ask for directions. I will never forget that moment and what it felt like: I was mistaken for an Argentine Portena (score 1,) I answered in near fluent Spanish (score 2,) and I actually knew how to direct the woman through the busy streets of Buenos Aires (score 3.) It was one of those epic life moments when you know it doesn't get better than that.... only to find out that it does.
*****Sitting on the beach with my feet in the water, reading a book next to my mom. I couldn't agree more. Next to my dad too. 


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