Thursday, November 17, 2011

Firecracker Life

Marriage has certainly calmed my life down. Going from 8 roomies, to 6, to 4, and finally to one hubby can either make a girl go crazy, or can take the crazy out of a girl. For me, it's thankfully been the latter. Not that I was crazy before I was married. I was just busy. Non-stop. Go go go. Traveling, running, eating chips for dinner, calling, making plans, buying flights, sleep here, sleep there, watching the Kardashains with my roomies (I miss this,) driving, working, planning a wedding, preparing your heart, loving every minute, excited for it to be over.

Summer turns to fall and then I write poetry:

Bright light burning until it goes dark
Stars left in the midst of the fairy lights
Green grass smells like summer rain but
no rain fell

Green grass, green tree changes
into orange.
Indian summer or Indian paintbrush?
The night swallows the day as I sit and
The clouds roll in like frothy milk.

They cover us warm.

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