Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sunset Hills

It sounds like a ballad, or maybe a quirky romantic getaway spot, but no, Sunset Hills is a vineyard in Purcellville, VA where mis amigas y yo spent our Saturday afternoon. "Turning sunshine into wine" is their motto. Oh. Stop. That's got my name all over it. Ok, cut the cheesiness, I mean it when I say that this vineyard is one of the best I've been to outside of Charlottesville (I am biased - everything is better in Charlottesville.) I can't attest to the actual quality of the wine as I was the DD (yea yea yea, I was the DD, so? We are responsible. Plus, wine seems to take a long time to exit my system, and I was still feeling weird from my chardonnay matched with the best salad ever from the night before,) but las chicas seemed to think it was tres bon.

Mmmmm it seems my DC besties all have blonde hair.  At least I have my brown-haired college loves, thank goodness for them:

I digress. 

It was a great afternoon followed by a great night -- we watched Bridesmaids. There are certainly some parts that could have been left out, but there are also some seriously great scenes from that movie. What we all noticed about the film is that it touched on real life themes that often run rampant among us women. Examples: A girl thinking she isn't worthy of a decent man who respects her (LOVED the love story with the Scottish cop) so she runs to the sleezebally, porsche-driving, skummy guy. Ughh I hated that guy. Or the need (yes, it is a need) to be able to talk something out with a girlfriend, no matter what the situation. Or the illusion of happiness and having it all together when really the pretty girl is terribly lonely. Or being so down on yourself that you end up getting your life knocked back into you by your overweight, pearl-wearing, top security clearance, dog-stealing friend (Megan - most memorable character award, by far.) Bridesmaids was an example of why we girls need each other. And being with my sweet friends all day long only affirmed that, big time. It was a good day.

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  1. Awww, soooo fun!! I can't believe I miss this ahmazing day! Joys of friendships!