Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shake it

Just a regular morning. 
 Doing zumba.
with the Whites!!!
...on the eve of Molly's wedding..... naturally. duh. 

That's right -- we did zumba at 10am on Friday morning under the tent in Molly's driveway before heading to the bridesmaids luncheon. So fun. I can't really say that I know how to move my body, but Tilly certainly does. She's in green. Pretty sure her face is even doing that pucker lip thing. Dang. 

Molly White is now Molly Webb. Molly White Webb. Cute. No, beautiful! Because Molly was so beautiful! 


  1. Best post ever. I love this. Such a fun idea!!

  2. This is so exciting!! Do you have other pictures from the wedding? I'd love to see more! I know Molly looked stunning!