Sunday, October 2, 2011

Buon giorno

Epic happenings around the Catalino household today. Over a year and a half ago, I was with my parents in St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore when I came across a little store that sold posters. Naturally, I went straight for the "travel" section, and started thumbing through the prints.
I found these:

and this:

Italia! I picked up these posters before I had even met Michael, my Italian hubby. Well, these prints have been sitting frameless in a plastic bag ever since I bought them. I lack certain motivation at times most of the time for errand-running or shopping or any sort of household arranging, so it took me all of 18 months to actually go out and find frames. Which I did yesterday!

After a brunch at The Diner this morning, we came back and hung the posters in our bedroom.

One small step for a normal homemaker, one giant leap for Carey Beth. Celebrate the victory!

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