Friday, September 30, 2011

Still of the Morning

This morning, I was sitting at my kitchen* table about to start work when I found myself struck by the morning light coming in through the drawn blinds. Warm light bathing the table, my computer, my skin, the candlesticks left out from dinner.

Small wonder.

I remember coming back to UVA after seven months in Argentina and seeing everything with such wonder. I had a renewed spirit inside of me and new eyes through which I could see the world. Nowadays, I do still try to see the goodness in small things, and often succeed, but sometimes the worries and seemingly mundane things of life keep me from always keeping this awestruck mindset.

Patrick Lafferty is a pastor at PCPC in Dallas, my home church where I grew up. He writes weekly devotionals called "Every Thought Captive" and they are SO GOOD. Talk about someone who is a seriously gifted communicator and knows his vocabulary. Well today, I got the weekly email (you can sign up to receive them) and was blown away. He basically wrote my thoughts way better than I ever could.

"...The righteous life, the full life, and the joyful life are but synonyms for each other... Common to them all is how each is dependent on and evidenced by gratitude. Gratitude for the enduring realities that ground us, and the fleeting incursions of laughter and wonder that buoy us—for things seen with our eyes, and things seen only with the heart illumined by the grace of the Lord. Abiding joy—itself a mark of real righteousness and true fullness—depends mightily upon abundant thanks... [Let us] widen our gaze to gain eternal perspective and slow our pace that we might not miss the unexpected graces in our very midst."

Unexpected graces in our very midst. Even coffee in matching mugs from Eastern Market is an unexpected grace and a true delight to me.

What a reminder this daily devo is for me today. To have an attitude of gratitude is one step closer to taking hold of the life that is truly life.

*"Kitchen" is a stretch. We have a kitchen, breakfast room, study, and den. Add the laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom and we have a seven room casa! Yet somehow all these rooms fit in our two-room, basement apartment. Will wonders never cease.

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  1. cb--i just love your blog! cannot get enough of makes me miss you more and more with every post!
    love you so much