Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flowers + Love

I LOVED the bouquets at my wedding. Seriously. Loved. Them. Hence why they are now the header photo to this blog. My friend Tilly said that if there were ever a bundle of flowers to describe Carey Beth, it would be the ones I had. Well hey! That worked out well. The bouquets were designed by Jacquelyn Collmus in Charlottesville. She is the The flowers were the one wedding detail that I was picky about -- I wanted every color under the rainbow except for blues or purples. I didn't see the flowers before the wedding (or anything for that matter... for example, the cake... I loved the cake!) and I didn't even know that my bouquet wasn't made with all white flowers. I loved these big balls of color. Oh happy day.

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  1. Holy smokes! You (and your bridal party... and your flowers...) are gorgeous. Happy weekend, CB!